Who would've thought that fandom can be a tool for making money? Individuals adore celebrities, sports icons, or cartoon characters like Pokemon. Trading cards have long been introduced to the market, and an individual who is a devoted fan of a famous icon is always willing to invest to see them on a card. As a business-minded individual, you'd definitely want to take advantage of this phenomenon by making money out of trading cards. What better to attract the attention of your target market effectively than with our ready-made Trading Card Templates in Adobe Illustrator? Enjoy our great features such as high-quality designs, original artworks, and suggestive content, all of which can be customized to tailor-fit your specific preferences. You can also incorporate your own branding elements to boost your name in the industry. All these can be done in just a few clicks. So do not miss this chance of owning an excellently-designed trading card and immediately download our Trading Card Templates in Adobe Illustrator.

How To Create Trading Cards In Adobe Illustrator?

There are many ways you can use trading cards. Two of their most popular uses are for collection and for fun games with friends or family. Using your favorite cartoon characters or superhero, you can trade with fandom collectors. You may also use these cards for games to enjoy great bonding with your friends or family. These cards that you may use for trade could be Pokemon cards, Yugioh cards, baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, etc. To make a good number of attractive trading cards, follow these tips to guide you in creating your own trading cards in Adobe Illustrator:

1. Remember Your Favorite Icons

You may be a fan of anime, sports, or computer games such as Minecraft, DOTA, or superheroes such as Batman, Superman, or your favorite characters in Starwars. Think of as many of them as possible, and you may perhaps list them down. If possible, choose a complete set of characters in one specific movie or series. If you think of choosing Marvel, then it's better if you pick only those characters in comic books. It would be rather odd if you include Princess Aurora (Disney Princess) in a set of cards with your favorite Marvel heroes.

2. Think Of A Good Card Game

As soon as you are able to choose your favorite characters or icons, it's time to brainstorm the mechanics for your own card game. After you have determined which group of specific characters or idols to use in your trading cards, think about their roles in the game. You may give these characters superpowers, magic, skills, etc. The art of creating trading cards go beyond painting your favorite character's image; they also conjure happiness to a specific group of individuals.

3. Don't Forget To Put A Short Description

After you've already chosen your favorite characters or personalities, always remember to include a short description. You may use their names or you may use their pen names. Include their skills, and a little background about that personality's life. You can put the description below their pictures or at the back portion of our trading cards.

4. Open Adobe Illustrator

Create a new file as soon as you have opened Adobe Illustrator. Then, remember the things you have thought about creating your trading cards. For the images in your trading cards, you may browse for your favorite characters online and use them in your card. If you want to make it personalized, feel free to illustrate your own design of your favorite characters. Then, don't forget to use one color for each card. That way, it will be easier for you to distinguish your characters, especially when used in your own card game.

5. Finish Your Work

For the final touch, it's time to sprinkle some vectors or mini clip-arts that look animated and visually describes the characters or personalities you put in your sample cards. If your character is Batman, then you might want to put in a mini vector shape of the moon, bats, or stars. Then, save your file and print on cardboard with your desired size.

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