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What Is a Trading Card

A trading card is a type of gaming card that contains a photo of an iconic individual or a popular fictional character along with their names, achievements, and attributes. Its current holder trades it to an opponent if ever he/she loses a card game. There are countless types of trading cards available in the market, such as Pokeman cards, superhero cards, and sports cards. Sports cards, in particular, are among the earliest forms of trading cards that are still quite popular today. Examples of these are basketball cards, baseball cards, and football cards.

How to Create a Trading Card in Microsoft Word

With the rise of digital technology nowadays, real trading cards are still valuable in the eyes of trading card collectors. Some of them are even willing to spare no expense for these cards, especially if its a classic card. So if you're interested in the crafting and selling of trading cards, you might as well do it right for you to gain popularity among trading card collectors. For that reason, we have gathered a few basic tips on how to create a trading card.

1. Opt To Use Microsoft Word

You have many choices on what editing software to use as a trading card maker, such as Adobe Photoshop. You can choose whichever of them, as long as it's according to your comfort and convenience. However, Microsoft Word should be among your choices. You might think that Microsoft Word is just a word processor, but it can also function well as a card maker. The reasons why you should consider it is because it's user-friendly and available in almost any computer system.

2. Embed a Magnificent Image of The Character/Iconic Individual

The individual or fictional character represented by a trading card is a beloved icon among trading card collectors. Respect their love of that icon by embedding magnificent images of them on your trading cards. If you're planning to create sports cards, the best images to embed are those showing the athlete in action. You can either utilize our ready-made images that we've included on our templates, or you can choose from available images online. Just make sure to use stock free images to avoid copyright violations.

3. Set Unique Font Styles for Their Name

The names of the characters and individuals on your trading cards are as iconic as their personality and influence. To honor that thought, you must set unique font styles for their names. Since trading cards mostly represent god-like fictional characters and legendary male athletes, and men primarily collect them, it's best that you set masculine-looking font styles. If you use Microsoft Word, then you'll have a library of choices.

4. Improve Its Aesthetic Quality

A trading card's aesthetic quality is a major criterion for trading card collectors. With that fact, it's important to make it eye-pleasing and attractive, otherwise, trading card collectors won't be interested in purchasing them. What you should do is add designs to their background, set eye-catching color schemes, and improve the appearance of their borders.

5. Download Trading Card Templates

Creating a trading card from scratch is quite challenging. If you perceive that it's indeed quite a challenge, you have no cause to be worried. Trading card templates with great ready-made designs are available for download here at With the aid of these types of card templates, you can expect to have a perfect trading card in no time.

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