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How To Create An Experience Certificate In Adobe Illustrator

Every type of job you apply for would usually require an experience. It would be difficult especially when you are a first-time job seeker. However, if you just recently left your previous job, it is the task of your employer to issue an experience certificate for you. Whatever your profession, whether you are a doctor, supervisor, accountant, teacher, cook, civil engineer, computer operator, or even a welder, when you apply for a job, your employer will always ask for your experience. If you happen to be an employer having trouble with how to make the proper experience certificate, then worry not because you've come to the right place! We offer the best templates that you can download and we have provided steps that you can follow in making your certificate.

1. Make A Draft

It would be better if you have everything planned out before you start making an experience certificate. When you do the planning, remember that the words on the certificate should be in a formal tone. As much as possible, avoid writing negative comments on the certificate because this is an important document. It will come with the resume of your former employee when applying for another job. Besides those things, make a draft of the contents you are planning to include on the certificate.

2. Use Adobe Illustrator

You can choose any editing software that you want, but you should not miss the best features that Adobe Illustrator has to offer. The software has easy to navigate buttons and has editing features that can enhance the quality of your certificate.

3. Use A Company Letterhead

To give credence to the certificate, you must use the letterhead of your organization or company because it also serves as proof of the employee's previous workplace. The letterhead should include the name, logo, address, and contact information of your company. It should be at the top center or on the upper left corner of the certificate.

4. Include Details About The Employee

This part serves as an introduction of the employee to their new employer. The details include the name, address, and position of the employee. It should also include the onboarding date and the date of resignation of the employee.

5. Provide the Job Description, Skills, and Conduct of the Employee

When you write this part, you should write the skills and the working conduct of the employee comprehensively. Emphasize which point the employee excels at and what his previous job's responsibilities. Keep in mind the goal is to inform the next employer of what they should expect from the employee. If you find it hard to write your own, you can check our recommendation letter templates that can be downloaded immediately.

6. Proofread then Print

Make sure that the format and the content are all correct before you print. Double-check everything to avoid printing again. When you give the certificate to the employee, hand-out the original copy because it is the usual requirement of most companies today.

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