They say giving back has always been part of our tradition. That is why there is a growing population for non-profit organizations anywhere else today. But even charitable companies need to follow a chain of command. If your non-profit organization is struggling to build progress, now is the time to assess your organization structure. With our 100% customizable Charity Organizational Chart Templates in Word, splitting the responsibilities is manageable. Other than that, these templates are available in A4 and US Letter sizes. So, when you have the right tool, navigating tasks are made easy. What are you waiting for? Download our templates now!

How to Create a Charity Organizational Chart in Word

Charitable organizations have an essential role in our society. Charitable companies work hand in hand with or without the guidance of the government. People’s contributions vary from used clothing, food, cash, and other materials for stocks. There are different classifications of non-profit organizations, but all of these give the same contribution in helping various aspects of social well-being. Through these missions, organizations function. That also explains the growing number of volunteers. Splitting duties and responsibilities are manageable and effective with the right tool. That is why we provide the right help that you need. Below are the steps on how you can create a charity organizational chart in Word.

1. Determine Your Objective

Without knowing your purpose and objectives, it will be challenging to do the following steps. Some organizations focus on mental health act, childcare facility, youth, and many more. So, always start by knowing what your charity mainly focuses on. It guides you through determining how many volunteers you need, donations you should collect, and how to go over your organizational structure. It is recommended that you talk to your team. Create your notes start with an outline. Then, apply it in the later steps.

2. Organize the Departments

After that, create a list of the departments that you need. Organize by division. You can do this using MS Word. Set a new document to easily copy and paste them to your layout in the next step. Typically, it involves project coordinators, fundraising departments, managing directors, and volunteer teams. No matter how small your organization is, make sure to place the right position in its designated department. Don’t forget to balance the responsibilities with enough headcounts per department.

3. Download a Template

Once you finish gathering all the information you need, visualizing the process is the next step. You may consider creating a blank sheet. However, it could take you a while. To make things easier, you can use ready-made charts. Our website offers charity organizational chart templates you can download and edit. To use your template of choice, launch your MS Word application. Find your ready-made template from the Custom Office Templates. Load and use it.

4. Write Down the Details

Now, if you have a layout, jot down all the information. Grab your notes. Then, start jotting down all the details. We suggest you start from the top all the way down. To do this using Word, add a Text by inserting a Text box. Use the appropriate font style. Remember to use easy to read typeface for the benefits of your staff. Lastly, be consistent with your typeface use for your chart.

5. Print and Execute

Reviewing your work before printing is vital. You have to check the sequence. Make sure to ask someone to do the process for you. Don’t print until you get a heads up. Next, print your document. Gather your volunteers around. Then, discuss the organizational chart. Make the necessary progress and trust the process.

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