How to Create a Chore Chart in MS Word

According to research done at Harvard, people who are given tasks and chores to make at a young age are more expected to be independent adults. By doing so, the children develop positive behaviors. It promotes competence, whether just by sweeping floors and making their bed. It gives children a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. To help, chore charts enable kids or any person to follow a specific order and schedule for their tasked chores. It provides not just the children but the family an easier time to be organized. A chore chart is, more especially, beneficial to big family households. Commonly, it consists of tables, charts, or boards that are fillable with the assigned tasks of the children. The duties can be assigned daily, weekly, or monthly. So here are the steps in creating a chore chart in MS Word.

1. Planning the Content

The first task to do in making a chore chart is to plan what to include in the chart. The content is what makes and gives the purpose of the chore chart. So plan the content. Plan if you want to schedule it daily, weekly, or monthly. Most people use a weekly schedule because it is more convenient for everyone.

2. Planning the Design

After the content, what needs to be planned is the design that needs to be incorporated in the chore chart. Decide the format of the table, chart, or board that is easier for you to fill in. It is all up to your taste and comfort. Then, if designs are needed in the chore chart, you decide which designs are appropriate and which suits more to the chart. If it is intended for the kids to follow, playful designs can be expected in the chore chart. It is appropriate for their age to find playful designs motivating. However, if the chore chart is intended for formal purposes, the designs have to be minimal and professional too.

3. Design

Afterward, put the plans into action. Open MS Word and resize the paper to your desired size. Then, decide the format orientation, whether portrait or landscape. After, insert the table, chart, or board. Put the appropriate designs that can be included in the chart. Use designs that reflect the purpose of the chore chart. If you are using it for a Christmas chore chart, you can incorporate Christmas-y decors to make it more playful and in accord to the theme. Then insert the texts, which include the title, the days of the week, and the task. Place the title at the top and make it prominent. Then, in the first row or column of the table, write the days of the week. The remaining tables are meant for the tasks assigned. Write the assigned tasks to its assigned day. You can also put the name of the appointed person for the task.

4. Finalize the Chore Chart

After making the chore chart, recheck for any errors, especially the tasks. Make sure that the right task is assigned to the right person on the right day. Afterward, you can, finally, save the chore chart and print! You can now start using the chart!

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