How to Write a Club Meeting Minutes in MS Word

Club meeting minutes is a recorded official document used to keep track of the significant discussions of a club meeting and to use it for any future decisions. It is also used to provide people information about what had unfolded during the session. Club secretaries are usually assigned to write down the minutes of the meeting.

If you have little to no experience in writing meeting minutes, worry not because such a task is not arduous at all. Below are some guidelines that can help you get started!

1. Have a Well-Defined Outline

When it comes to writing minute meetings, outlines are lifesavers. Outlines, especially the ones that are made out of the meeting agenda, makes writing a breeze. Instead of mindlessly jotting down notes, actions, decisions, and other discussion items, an outline allows you to determine what you should and should not write down. It is in this way that you can write meeting minutes efficiently.

2. Avoid Taking Notes in Verbatim

Even though you think that every single word uttered in the room during club meetings is important, it's not. Writing in verbatim will only make it difficult for you to catch up with the discussions. Just write as briefly as possible. If the presider or any club member will use highfalutin words, write down its simpler form.

3. Jot Down Decisions and Action Items

Decisions and action items are the main meat of any club meeting, and the same thing should also be in your meeting minutes. If you are having a hard time writing things down briefly, you can never go wrong on writing just the action items and decisions made during the previous and present meetings.

4. Have a Clear Purpose When Writing

As cliche as it may sound, but you must know why you are writing down minutes in the first place. Your purpose should not only lie on the fact that it's your responsibility in your school club during your monthly meetings. It should boil down to your desire of wanting your club to make progress, reach milestones, and eventually achieve success in all of its endeavors.

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