Beyond the prosperous construction industry is the dangerous reality of the profession. From stunning infrastructures, sky-reaching buildings, vibrant workplaces are the evident labors of the construction workers. For such a contribution, as a construction employer, why not show your gratitude to your employees, which a remarkable certificate can do. Step up your approach for recognition with our Construction Certificate Templates in Microsoft Word. Each of these features high-quality designs and 100% customizable for your preference. Here's more, it comes with pre-made content, to save yourself from starting from scratch.So what are you waiting for? Let your employees feel they are valued by downloading these templates today! 

How to Create a Construction Certificate in Microsoft Word(DOC)?

Nowadays, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Construction industry has been showing continuous growth in productivity and is projected to rise at 4.5% through the coming years. It only proves the report of the National Research Council in Canada that ensuring all of the contract workers are in the same line in terms of project vision and deadline can improve productivity. The process starts with recognizing these people toiling behind the construction's growth once in a while. In this way, it can boost their morale, competence, and attitude towards the job. With that, a perfect Construction Form to acknowledge their efforts is through certificates that can immortalize the record of their valuable service. Below are some tips we have compiled for you to follow in making certificates for your employees.

1. Identify the Certificate's Purpose

Start with determining to what extent purpose do your certificate serve. It is essential to know these details for the content and layout format vary on the type of certificate. For example, there are certificates for completion, participation, training, employment/work experience, achievement, and appreciation.

2. Fill the Content

The foundation of your document is the content. Commence by arranging the details accordingly, the full name of employee/s, job description, date, venue of recognition. Also, establish the certification statement base on the certificate's purpose. You may use a Construction Checklist to record the necessary information of each receiver. Moreover, signatories are a must, for it will testify the legality of the document. Place the signatories on the lower part of the simple certificate with its complete name and position.

3.Set the Typography

Talking about the visual text, consider observing alignment, spacing, font style, and font size. The arrangement of details should start from the title of the certificate down to the signatories. A document with proper spacing indicates neatness while font style and font size signify readability and clarity of words. As a result, by utilizing typography, your modern certificate would be concise and adorable. Choose a good and neat Construction Graphic Design to make the best impression.

4.Embellish Some Designs

Certificates can be a souvenir worth keeping and remember that you are going to hand it out to outstanding people, so do not make the document look dull and boring. Construct the certificate with designs by applying borders or frames. You can also add the logo of the institution or change the background color in relevance to the organization's theme. Or perhaps you could form symmetrical figures on the side of the certificate. It's all up to you on how you would adorn the document but take note not to overdo or clutter the overall look.

5. Check and Present

Since a certificate is an official document, verify the information you have encoded if there are any grammar and spelling errors. Once you are done proofreading, you can proceed to the printing process. In printing, you must use a high-quality printer and durable paper to maintain it's quality. After that, you may enclose it in an envelope or have it on a frame to present it professionally.

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