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Take Advantage of Template.net's Free Event Proposal Templates in Microsoft Word! This Collection Offers You Ready-Made Templates for Event Sponsorship Proposals, Event Management Proposals, Planning Proposal Letters, and Project Proposals. Ideal for Fundraising, Planning, and Budget Managing, Each One Contains Preformatted Yet Customizable Elements. Stop Worrying and Start Downloading Our Proposal Outline Templates! See more

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  • Parties and other gatherings sure are exciting, but the real fun starts in the activities prepared for the occasion. Have you been participative in party games and been attentive to the performers during intermissions? Or are you the one who was assigned to prepare all of these? Don't worry about the event's outcome because we offer you are Event Proposal templates to get your planned activities approved by the person who asked you to pitch his or her event. These event templates are available for download in Microsoft Word. They are also printable with Bleed in A4 and US letter sizes and portrait orientation style. Utilize these helpful tools and make noise for the event you organize now!

    How to Write an Event Proposal in Word

    Any event needs careful planning at any cost because it will assure the success of the event. One of the components of event planning is making an event proposal. Event proposals are usually attached to sponsorship letters, so the potential sponsors will see that the event committee is truly prepared with an organized flow of the event ahead of time. This is just one of the many purpose of event proposals. Eventbrite Blog shared eight tactics to sell your event proposal to a client. 
    If you are an event organizer helping your client to achieve the best event of their loved ones, follow the steps below to make an event proposal that will surely overjoy the person to whom the event is dedicated to. 

    1. Compose the Event Abstract

    In Microsoft Word’s new blank document, start your event proposal making with a draft of the event’s outline. Here, you are going to describe the event, what it is all about, why you are organizing the event, and its significance. It will help the people who will sponsor, approve, and attend to understand the existence of the event. This step will answer the question, “Why was the event created?”. The answer to this query should be seen in the event abstract. Just like in research, the abstract will serve as an overview of the event. Write it in paragraphs to present the event details in complete thoughts.

    2. Prepare the Event Budget

    Some people mind this matter, but for some, the lesser, the better, but the event should still be worthwhile. The thing is, preparing the event budget proposal first and foremost doesn’t mean that you are tightening the budget. It just means that you are applying the purpose of event planning, and that is preparation. Parents may only have prepared a specific amount to spend on the birthday debut party of their son/daughter. School organizations may have only been given a small budget for a school activity. Couples may have decided not to make their wedding grandiose to save up the money for the future. Some people choose to hire professional event organizers who offer event packages that will fit the clients’ event budget. Laying down the budget will help in supplying last-minute needs that have not been included in the original plan.

    3. Outline the Event Program

    Proper event organizing will not have a free-flowing program. Creating an event program is the solution to make sure that there will be no dead air during the event. In outlining the program, you have to consider possible instances that may take place. So it is best to have reservations as to the performers or intermission numbers and the games. Complete the event plan by setting the sample schedule of the event activities, so everyone will be able to anticipate how long the event would last. It is also the key to proper time management not just among the event organizers, but also in the side of performers or speakers like, for example, in seminars or conferences, etc.

    4. Finalize the Event Details

    Complete is best. Even though the event is still far, it is wiser to do what the time will allow you to do. Preparation is truly preparation when nothing’s done in a rush. What are the possible preparations that can be done ahead of time? These are things like reserving the event venue, producing and distributing event invitations, tickets, flyers, and the like. Finalize the corresponding details of these preparations to complete your event proposal.