How to Make an Executive Resume in MS Word (Doc)

According to, without a positive first impression, it is probable that a potential employer will stop viewing you as an appropriate applicant for the position offered and will move on to other aspirants who have offered excellent resumes than yours. Consider your resume as a medium of marketing yourself. It must detail your history, expertise, and qualifications so a prospective employer can see quickly how your personal experiences will contribute to the growth of an organization.

Outlined below are the simple steps intentionally prepared for your needs and to help you get done within minutes. Here's how!

1. Introduce Yourself

We've all come across those individuals that everyone hopes to see progress. The role of your resume is to establish your identity as that individual, to ensure that the prospective employer will root for your advancement. Make your resume as your strategic envoy to introduce yourself and to convey your professional skills that are required for the position. The best approach to do this is to be charismatic, and while learning the basics of bringing the character to paper requires time and dedication, the best starting point is to write it down in the Professional Summary section.

2. Identify Your Key Messages

Knowing the key values of young professionals is never a necessity as some are still discovering it. But management professionals must identify their unique values for them to differentiate themselves among other competitive candidates vying for the post. And this is where your key messaging comes in. Using your key messages appropriately will surely help you to secure a spot, though it requires your time and effort. But if you're still beginning to develop your professional identity, then you must first determine your key messages before crafting a modern resume.

3. Keep it Short

Most of the hundreds of resumes have taken up the entire page with an overflowing-fledged meal deal method of sharing experiences with specifics of day-to-day activities. Replacing this kind of method with a shorter version will make your sample resume even tastier. You can add three to four bullet points for your tasks and five to six for your achievements. Doing this will convey a more powerful message highlighting your work experiences, unique skills, and accomplishments.

4. Spell it Out

It is advisable to stick to the basic business terminology for practitioners at all business levels, instead of using highly technical and specialized jargon. Don't presume that the hiring manager knows you have specific skills, abilities, or knowledge merely by seeing your job descriptions and education. Take it as a leap further by mentioning skills in a specific category, for example operating systems languages or terms for project management. This manner, you express your credentials without asking the hiring manager to do additional research, which can be a decisive factor in whether your resume is going forth.

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