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Sometimes, people we know or a family member might require financial assistance from us and we feel obligated to them in their time of need. Whether it is a down payment for a loan or setting up a business, a gift letter is one formal way to provide cash assistance. A gift letter can be written to accompany the money that you are lending to someone you know. Though writing a letter is simple, you may choose to utilize our website's samples of ready-made Gift Letter Templates in Microsoft Word (DOC) format to spare precious time. These templates are made by professionals and are guaranteed to be original. Edit them according to how you need them and then download them. Write that gift letter today with the aid of our templates.

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  • Why is a gift letter necessary?

      Transferring funds can be subject to taxation of up to forty percent. To avoid unnecessary taxation a donor may write a gift letter to indicate to the authorities that the money being transferred is a gift and not an income. This is because income is taxable.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of money that can be gifted?

      A tax paying citizen is only allowed to gift fifteen thousand dollars a year by the IRS. However there is no limit to the amount of recipients.

  • What is the difference between gifts and inheritance?

      Gifts are mostly given to a recipient within the givers lifetime, while inheritance are often given when the giver has passed away.

  • What happens if the gift tax return is never filed?

      If the gift tax return is never filed, then the giver is given tax penalties