Thanksgiving is one of the most awaited holiday seasons in the USA. There are various activities for all ages, such as the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City with large balloon versions of your favorite animated cartoon characters. Organizing a successful Thanksgiving-themed event doesn't have to be as grand as the one that the largest store chains hold. You can start by taking a  advantage of our products which are conveniently compatible with Microsoft Word. So whether you are thankful for someone's presence or want to invite to a party, we got you covered. Each template here is designed and formatted effectively to suit the user's holiday event needs. Choose from our wide selection of free, ready-made, Thanksgiving Day Templates in Microsoft Word, and download them today!

What are the Marketing Materials for Thanksgiving Events

Thanksgiving marks the start of the busiest season for retailers in November and December. There are a handful of holidays that follows Thanksgiving, and these are Hannukah, Christmas and New Year's. Businesses flourish during this season, and business owners fully utilize various materials to boost up their sales further. These tools consist of cards, posters, and menus. Invitations also become a staple during this season as these events gather families. During Thanksgiving weekend 2018, 30.6 million traveled to celebrate the holiday with their families.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Day Marketing Material with Microsoft Word

Utilizing marketing tools does not depend on the season of the year, but the design is highly dependent on it. Invitation designs change according to the theme of the event and the season. During the Thanksgiving season, streets will be full of posters and people handing out flyers with messages about Thanksgiving parties and festivities. Whether its flyers, posters, or brochures, you can make spread the word about your Thanksgiving day event by following these steps:

1. Include Essential Details

Marketing materials vary from brochures, business cards, and posters. All of these require details about your services, your contact details, and other information that makes your business appealing. If you plan to organize a Thanksgiving party, make sure to include the exact address of the place, a contact number, and a short description of the event. Thanksgiving season is host to some charity and religious events as families gather together.

2. Appropriate Background Design

The design of your materials should be distinct to the Thanksgiving season. The design should feature the common elements of the season. Thanksgiving falls on the autumn season so you can play with the color scheme and little details that mark autumn. You can create wallpaper designs using the fall color scheme. Additionally, Thanksgiving is also known for the balloon parade with famous lovable characters such as Charlie Brown. A hearty Thanksgiving meal is usually composed of roast turkey, stuffing, and cranberry pies. You can use images of this meal to add cute details to your marketing material.

3. Utilize a Tagline

Parties spring left and right within this season. To make your material stand out, associate it with a tagline that is easy to remember. You can also wish a happy Thanksgiving to your dear relatives and friends without using the apparent greeting. Aside from a higher chance of retaining the information, a slogan also makes your event more recognizable. If you produced various materials, like brochures, flyers, and posters, for one celebration, it is ideal to use the same slogan among the tools for easy recognition and association.

4.Play with Words

Your tools should not only contain the essential details, but it should also capture the attention of the recipients. Once their focus is on the material, there is a higher chance that they will read all the information on the piece of paper or plastered on the bulletin board. A change in the font details of your work can make a huge difference. A play with sans serif fonts make your material more friendly and appealing to the audience of all ages. Sans serif fonts work best with a party and get-together invitations. Serif fonts have a formal feel to it. This type of font can work well with corporate events or when you are designing flyers for church-related events that have formal settings.

5.Proofread your Work

Both formal and informal events should have a professional flyer or any marketing material. The material should not only be beautiful, but it should also be free from any error. Errors in your event flyer or poster will affect a person's perception of your event or service. Additionally, you are spending a large sum of money on these materials, so it is a must that these do not have mistakes, mainly errors regarding the details.

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