What Is a College ID Card

A college ID card (college identification card) is an identifying document that contains information about a college student enrolled in a university. It includes a college student's full name, home address, contact number, and his/her course. However, college ID cards aren't only limited to college students. College teachers and deans are also issued with college ID cards. The primary purpose of college ID cards is that they signify that a student, teacher, or dean is officially part of the university.

How to Create a College ID Card in Illustrator?

If you're a university staff assigned to create the overall layout of your university's ID cards, then the tips we have gathered below should help you to do it effectively.

1. Use Illustrator

Illustrator has been widely known by many as being capable of crafting sophisticated graphic design. That fact alone is a good enough reason for you to choose Illustrator for your university's college ID cards. With its help, you have the complete freedom to choose whatever ID card design that meets the preferences of your university's heads. Plus, operating and navigating around Illustrator is quick and easy, making it more convenient on your behalf to create the ID card.

2. Choose Between Vertical and Horizontal

Choosing between vertical and horizontal is always the first step when creating whatever type of ID card. There's no rule whether a college ID card should stand vertically or horizontally. It's entirely up to the preference of your university heads. But what's certain is that you can never start creating an ID card without deciding whether it should be vertical or horizontal.

3. Attach The University Logo

A college ID card not only represents the identity of a student or faculty member. It also represents the university itself. For that very reason, you must attach your university's logo in the ID card. The best place in the ID card where you can attach the university logo is at the top. You must attach it to the front part of the ID.

4. Embed All Needed Information

The information that you must embed in the ID card is the student's/teacher's name, student's course, home address, contact number, contact person in case of emergencies, and ID photo. Those are the essentials that must be found on a standard college ID format. What you must embed to the front are the student's/teacher's name, student's course, and ID photo. To the back is where you must embed the home address, contact number, and contact person in case of emergencies.

5. Enhance The Design

The student/teacher who holds a college ID card will present it to anyone who wishes to view it. So might as well make it look eye-pleasing by enhancing its design. What you can do is attach vector images on its border, and modify its color scheme to make it uniform with your university's color motif. You can also apply a background image in it if your university heads approve of it. The image could either be the university building or the university logo.

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