It will always be a great privilege to be trained by people who are experts in their chosen field. And it's also great to have our training in the company or organization that we are dreaming of. Don't let any aspiring intern in your company by giving them professionally made certificates at the end of their internship period. Create them with our Internship Certificate templates. They are downloadable and editable in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Apple PagesAdobe Indesign, PSD, and Illustrator. Get and print them in US letter sizes with Bleed and landscape and portrait orientation styles. Be the go-to company of students who want to acquire professional corporate training now!

How to Make an Internship Certificate in Illustrator

Training serves as a preparation for whatever we will be taking head-on for our future job. An internship is a type of training. Companies know so well the great advantages of internship training, that is why they open their doors to students and other aspirants of the job functions they offer as a whole. Give them a certificate as a token of appreciation for their service by following the guide steps below.

1. Summon Details

Lay down your company and the internship details. Prepare to add your company logo and the names of the certificate signatories. Obtain digital signatures of these officers in charge as much as possible. This will help you become more efficient in this project. Then take note of the primary information: the intern's name, his or her duty hours, date when he or she started and ended the internship programme, school and department name where he or she is taking up his or her degree program. Supplement them with your company and other details, such as the date when the certificate will be awarded and the address of your office.

2. Make the Certificate

The certificate you are making with us will eventually come out as a wonderful output because Adobe Illustrator is a perfect choice for making graphic documents such as this completion certificate. Go over the software tools to look for the tools you need to make the certificate. Do your work faster and smarter by utilizing our internship certificate templates above. They are downloadable and editable Illustrator, so you can customize it with the training details you prepared earlier. Do more modifications as the standard of your company necessitates using Adobe’s creating, editing, and enhancement tools.

3. Format the Details on the Certificate

Edit your graphic document using Adobe Illustrator’s graphic tools. Place the information about the intern, internship, your company, and other details. Format their font sizes to emphasize the contents that need to be highlighted in the certificate, especially the name of the intern or trainee and the kind of certificate you will be issuing. Use different font styles to make the certificate look not just elegant, but artistic as well. Layout the document's background design. Use a plain color for the background or use a colored paper later for printing and make it the simple certificate design to maintain the formality of this graphic document.

4. Use a Paper with Good Quality

Reward a student intern's contribution to the productivity of the company by giving him or her a certificate. Print it on a paper with good quality. Choose a paper that is worth keeping. Always go with the principle of treating people or things as if it is their last. So don’t miss this chance as the chosen company and as the trainer of the intern. Give a presentable internship certificate that he or she deserves and earned for. Organize an awarding ceremony to make this completion more than just compliance for a school requirement.

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