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How to Make an Event Invitation in Microsoft Word

An event invitation is a written or verbal permission that asks a specific person to attend a certain event. It is usually used by the event's host/s to limit the population of the event and for promoting the event itself. With instantaneous technology nowadays, event invitations stand out the formality of event announcement. It creates a sense of exclusivity between the event and the specific guests. Also, event invitations impart a charm to the event that is likely giving the chosen guest an idea of what the event is all about. Event invitations are usually used in special gatherings like birthday parties, wedding parties, company events, music events, school events, charity seminar, fundraisers' gatherings, business opening, political events, baby showers, and so much more to mention.

Event invitations are not only made by graphic designers. Every individual is given a chance to design an event invitation on their own with the help of relevant essential software applications like Microsoft Word. For you to be guided, here are the following step-by-step instructions on how to make an event invitation by using Microsoft Word.

1. Determine the Kind of Event You are Planning

For the first step, determine the kind of event you are planning to organize. This first and important step will help you choose your event's theme, purpose, decorations, style, and more. It will also help you develop your invitation's design elements and theme. Take for example if you are planning to organize a baby shower party, your invitation must also correlate with baby design elements. Planning the kind of event will help you guide throughout the process of your event invitation making.

2. Write Down All of the Event Details

For the second step, write down all of the event details in a scratch paper or in a blank draft document of Microsoft Word. Outline the following details you want to include such as the name of the event, the date, the time, the venue, the locations, dress code, the guest speakers, guest performers, contact details, and other important pieces of details that a guest must need to know. Also, do not forget to add your RSVP card to secure the confirmation of your guests. Keep your draft so you can incorporate them in your event invitation later on.

3. Choose a Specific Layout

For the third step, choose a specific layout for your event invitation to make it organized. You can either create your own layout or you can research and follow a sample invitation for you to be guided. Make sure to choose an elegant layout design to create a formal tone in inviting your chosen guests. Do not forget to incorporate the important details that you have prepared from the second step.

4. Use One of the Event Invitation Card Templates

In connection with the third step, you can also use one of the event invitation card templates that you can find online. These templates are already pre-designed with special features that you can use in making a formal event invitation. These special features include suggestive texts, vector illustrations, font styles, color schemes, and any other design elements that you need in an event invitation.

5. Print and Enclose Your Invitation

Lastly, you can finally start with the printing process. Choose a good paper quality or card stock for you to use in printing your invitations and make sure that these materials still matches the theme of the event. Print your printable designs in a high-standard printer to avoid ruining your invitation. To enclose your invitation for distribution, enclose your event invitation with a similarly designed envelope.

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