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How to Make Graduation Templates in MS Word

Graduation is one of the most memorable and remarkable events in a man's life. It is the culmination of the many years of hard work, perseverance, and dedication that a person exerts just to be able to attend this life-changing achievement. More than just receiving certificates on the stage or dressing up beautifully, graduations are also about celebrating achievements with people whom you have shared this journey with.

Graduations deserve to be celebrated and to make those celebrations happen, you need to give out some advertising material like graduation invitations. Successfully develop them in the most adored software program, MS Word, with the guidance of some simple tips that we have provided below.

1. Consider Your Audience

According to an educational data gathered, the total number of expected college graduates alone this academic year 2019-2020 is approximately around 3.9 million. With a huge amount of number figure presented, you'll probably wonder how would you inform these graduates about the different graduation parties being held. Well, it's simple you just need to consider them in creating your graduation party invitations. From the print size, fonts, and quality of paper used, all these things should be decided with a specific audience in mind.

2. Less Is More

Marketing materials like sample invitations usually come with a lot of designs, texts, colors, and images. These elements are always present because this is what makes them more appealing and eye-catching. But overdoing them might affect the message you are trying to convey. Always remember that when it comes to designing ad materials, simple, clean, and well-organized design can seal the deal for you.

3. Text And Images Must Be Coactive

When it comes to formal invitations, text and images are very important. These two elements must compliment with one another, wherein the text doesn't overpower the image, and the image doesn't overpower the text as well. Avoid using complicated texts that are very hard to understand. While the images presented must convey the right message.

4. Use The Correct Amount of Graphics

Graphics play an important role in every marketing ad material. If optimized correctly, graphics will help dictate the flow of your content and catch the attention of your audiences. Choose appropriate graphics that would fit best to the theme of your ad material. For instance, if you're planning to achieve vintage-looking simple invitations, then apply a minimal amount of retro design graphics that are simple yet custom-looking.

5. Don't Chase Them, Attract Them

Recent statistical data showed that there are approximately 3.7 million high school graduating students this academic year. If these people are your target audience, then you'll probably think how would you inform and encourage them to partake in different graduation events. It's definitely easy! Create a graduation invitation card that does not chase a reader, but rather attracts them. Do this by simply including interesting details that would surely draw them in naturally.

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