Just moved into a new home and decided to throw a housewarming party? Then that would mean you'll need to invite a couple of your friends and family members over. By downloading any of our beautifully-designed and professionally-made housewarming invitation templates in Word, you shouldn't have any problems notifying people about your party. Know that each one of these ready-made templates is fully compatible and easily editable in all versions of Microsoft Word, and they can also be downloaded whenever and wherever you need them. If you want access to more high-quality templates, then why not grab a premium subscription plan as well?

What Is a Housewarming Invitation?

A housewarming invitation is just like any other party invitation, the difference is that this is specifically meant to invite people to a housewarming party. It is meant to provide the reader with the home address, the day and time in which the party will take place, and the person responsible for sending the invitation. Indeed, this invitation is the perfect thing to make and send by those who have just recently moved into a new house.

How to Make a Housewarming Invitation in Word

We already know how important it is for event hosts to make sure that their housewarming invitations provide accurate information, but it also needs to look presentable for aesthetic purposes. To learn how to balance the two traits, check out the guidelines and tips provided below.

1. Select a Template

To begin working on a Word project, open the application and then click New under the File tab to start a new document. From there, you can choose either to use a pre-designed template or to start from scratch. While the latter enables you to have more freedom over the design of your invitation cards, using templates can save you a lot of time since they already come with a layout and some elements. Also, if you're choosing to use templates, we've got a wide selection of downloadable invitation templates in Word just for you, it'll only take a few clicks of a button to get your hands on one.

2. Add the Images

Adding pictures to a Word document is very easy, you simply need to click Insert and choose Picture from the drop-down menu. Afterward, look for the picture that you want to add to your invitation and then open it. When adding images, always go for high-quality ones and those that best fit the theme of housewarming parties. While it is possible that you keep your event invitations simple by not adding pictures at all, but know that this will most likely make your invitations look less appealing.

3. Write Down What You Want to Say

With regards to the content's tone, you can observe either a formal or informal tone, although this will depend on who you're planning to invite to the party. If you're planning to invite professionals or business owners, you will most likely need to make a formal invitation paired with an RSVP card. Always remember to include basic details such as the date and time of the party and the address of your new home. If you wish to add more to your invitation, it would be best to prepare a sample list consisting of the necessary information.

4. Proofread the Content

While errors in invitation cards aren't as serious as those in marketing materials, proofreading is still a must to prevent misinforming the person being invited. Simply go through the content and check the date, time, and street address for accuracy. Although Microsoft Word already comes with a proofreading feature, it often marks statements or words that are correct or it overlooks certain errors. Afterward, you can start producing copies of your housewarming invitation.

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