How To Make A Thanksgiving Template In Word?

Thanksgiving Day is an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada. The occasion aims to celebrate the harvest and the blessings that the people received for the past year. With that said, families go to church together and gather for a Thanksgiving dinner. If you wish to invite your family for a dinner buffet, here are tips to guide you in making a Thanksgiving invitation card using MS Word.

1. Use Cute Vectors And Colors

A Thanksgiving invitation card would look boring if you only put texts without colors or vector graphics. Aside from the greeting, you'd also need to incorporate vectors and colors that match with your message. Since you'll be making a Thanksgiving Invitation Card, use light colors (e.g., white, light beige, yellow, etc.). Bright colors create a lively feeling to the readers, so make use of them. Use vector graphics showing autumn leaves as part of your background design.

2. Use A Turkey Vector Graphic

Turkey is an iconic dish served during Thanksgiving day. What is exactly the real reason we eat turkey on Thanksgiving day? According to history, turkey is a native species in America. Upon the arrival of the early Americans, they looked for food and luckily they found a turkey. From then on, the turkey was considered as a blessing because it was there when they needed food. Thus, when we think of Thanksgiving, we usually associate it with turkey. Therefore, don't forget to include a vector of this icon in your Thanksgiving invitation card.

3. Use Our Beautiful Templates

There might come a time when you run out of ideas in making your own Thanksgiving invitation card. So, we recommend you use our very own beautiful Thanksgiving templates available here on our website and in MS Word. Go to the template gallery and click one of the templates that you want to customize. Using our templates will help you get away from the stress of working from scratch. Especially when Thanksgiving is fast-approaching and you have a lot of guests to invite, then you need to be efficient in making one. Using our templates will get you through.

4. Give A Catchy Header

One way to make a striking invitation card design is to use a catchy header. You may use the vectors you chose as your header while you incorporate them with your key message. To make your readers feel the spirit of Thanksgiving from your invitation card, make sure to place the turkey vector in the header. Then, lay out the essential details such as the greeting, date, time, as well as the venue.

5. Use One Image As Focal Point

A focal point is where your readers' eyes are drawn towards in your cards. A focal point is typically the brightest and the most focused. It's where other parts of your Thanksgiving Invitation card converge. In which case, use the turkey vector graphic or autumn leaves as your focal point. Do this in MS Word. Insert the specific part in your document where you wish to place the image form the "insert picture" dialog box.

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