A commercial invoice is a legal document that clearly specifies and describes the imported goods bought by a buyer from a foreign seller, as well as the buyer's amount due. If you are in need of such documents, then you may download our ready-made Commercial Invoice Templates. These templates are compatible, easily-editable, and 100% customizable in any version of Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy the convenience of producing your commercial invoice within minutes by simply adding your preferred information into our templates' premade fields. And after doing that, you're commercial invoice is good to go. As an added benefit, these templates are also print-ready for commercial printing or home printing. Waste none of your time by downloading our high-quality Commercial Invoice Templates in Adobe Photoshop now!

How To Create A Commercial Invoice In Adobe Photoshop (PSD)?

Several types of invoices are being made use of for a variety of business transactions and purchases, such as proforma invoices and GST invoices. But when it comes to export-import or international transactions, commercial invoices are among the essential documentations. So if you're about to indulge in such transactions, you should familiarize yourself with the contents of a commercial invoice. Once you've done that, you should learn some tips on how to formulate one. Lucky for you, we know a few tips that we're very much willing to share with you in creating an effective commercial invoice.

1. Provide Space For Buyer And Seller Info

Just like a cash receipt form, it's a mandatory policy that a commercial invoice must have the buyer and seller's info on it. That includes their complete name, contact number, home address, email address, company name, and company address. Hence, you must provide sufficient space for them on your commercial invoice. The reason why such info must be present on the invoice is to make it easy for either party to contact one another in case something significant arises concerning their international transaction.

2. Create A Table Or Chart For Items' Details

Commercial invoices are likely to concern bulks of imported or exported items. Hence, it'll be quite a challenge to organize and keep track of them without the help of a table or chart. Due to that fact, we encourage you to create one for your commercial invoice. Each cell, row, and column must have sufficient space for items' quantity, description, and price. In this case, a good number of our simple chart templates might help you.

3. Provide Space For Items' Total Amount

One of the main functions of a commercial invoice is to breakdown the details of an international transaction, similar to an official receipt. That function won't be as effective as it should be without the items' total amount. Therefore, you must provide space for it on your own commercial invoice. You should place it below the chart or table you've created for the items' details. Another space that you should also provide are info about the items' delivery services, either shipping transportation, land transportation, or air transportation.

4. Use Adobe Photoshop (PSD)

It's common knowledge that Adobe Photoshop is fully capable of creating sophisticated graphic layouts and enhancing the quality of photographs. So why not use it to create your commercial invoice. It may sound like overkill to use Adobe Photoshop as an invoice maker, but sometimes overkill is underrated. Overkill gets the job done most of the time. Hence, with Adobe Photoshop, you're sure to formulate your commercial invoice in just a few minutes.

5. Take Advantage Of Our Commercial Invoice Templates

We anticipated that you might not have sufficient time to create a commercial invoice from scratch. That's the very reason why we encourage you to use our commercial invoice templates. All of them are already pre-formatted professionally. Hence, there's no longer any need for you to go over the cumbersome process of creating a commercing invoice from nothing. You may also use some of our general invoice templates for your other business transactions.

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