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How to Design a Book Cover in Adobe Photoshop?

According to Smashwords founder Mark Coker, human brains are prone to processing photos and graphics quicker than words. People first notice the background and colors of any promotional materials than the sentences written on it. Based on the survey conducted by Book Smugglers in 2010, 79% of the 613 respondents acknowledge the importance of book cover design in their decision in buying a book. Besides the book content, book designs also have an impact on the reaction of the readers.

Capturing the eyes of people is the priority of writers. So, it is essential to plan out how to effectively market the book.

1. Determine the Underlying Theme

Your book needs to have a solid foundation. In an article written by author Kara Bovee for Writer's Digest, strengthening the foundation of your skills and the common ground of your stories is very important. Is your masterpiece about romance? Is it a science thriller, or is it only suspense? So, for your book cover, you need to have a definite point. Work around the theme to avoid clutter on the design.

2. Know Your Target Market

A specific target audience for books exists in the business world. Research about buying trends conducted by Penguin Random House in 2013 concludes that 94% of the 6,000 American respondents purchase books through online sources or bookstores. The numbers signify how people appreciate reading. Whether it's a kids' book or a young adult's book, a particular set of readers is the focus of the authors when they write their piece. And a simple and creative book cover becomes an effective marketing strategy to catch the attention of bibliophiles.

3. Find Your Muse

Draw inspiration for your book cover through the art around you. Refresh your mind (and heart) to get ideas to put in the front and back sections of your novel. If that's not enough, you can take a break and travel to somewhere peaceful. Create a travel itinerary to visit an area that will spark something in you. Museums leave an impression for history books, and carnivals and theme parks influence fantasy novels.

4. Unleash Your Creative Side

Once you have figured out the pictures and graphics you want for your book cover design, the next part will be easier. Finish the editing process of your printable book cover template in Photoshop. Do you think handmade creations look great on your design? Or do you opt for plain texts and bright shades of gold? If your novel is about murder, you can try old fonts and bloody shapes. Accomplish those things using this application.

5. Font Matters

When you grab the wandering eyes of buyers through the colors and vectors, the font typefaces become your next ally. The visibility and readability of your title help in the attraction of the book cover. For instance, business book cover designs need to exude professionalism and competence.

6. Makes a Mark

Some authors write a book series, while others prefer writing only one at a time. Continue the legacy of your books by creating a brand. A brand serves as a symbol of identification that directs people to the organization or person. Furthermore, the brand marketing strategy helps garner more audience for your books. Stand out among other authors by utilizing a brand for yourself.

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