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How to Create a Postcard using Adobe Photoshop

Postcards are a rectangular piece of paper with illustrations and images intended for mailing and writing it without any envelope. These types of cards are often useful in greeting people during holidays or occasions. It is also helpful for businesses in marketing their services to their target audiences in the cheapest ways. According to Statista's US Christmas Season Statistics and Facts, the average amount Americans spent on christmas cards goes over $29, including postcards. The Christmas season has the highest sales of event postcards among other purposes. Using these illustrated cards help people convey their warm greetings to people even from afar. In this article, we will show you tips on how to create a well-designed postcard best for the holidays.

1. Determine the Postcard's Purpose

Postcards can be useful in any occasion. You must know the purpose of your sample postcards before proceeding to design them. If you are using them for business purposes, you must know your marketing campaign to align the theme of your business postcards with it. If you are using it as a holiday card, you can choose the postcards' concept according to the holiday or event.

2. Decide a Theme

Just like any other card material, you need to design your sample postcards to attract your target audience. As mentioned earlier, you can base the theme according to your purpose. These simple postcards can work as marketing materials for you to market your business to the public. For example, you are going to promote your business services this coming holiday season. You should incorporate the theme with the holiday to get your audiences' attention. You can also match your branding image for your audience to remember you among the competing companies in the industry.

3. Create the Postcard Content

Simple postcards usually contain essential information about your purpose. For business postcards, you can include your business' name, products & services, and contact details. You should also plan a clean format for your advertising postcards to make the scripts readable and organized. Adding a sample image of your service or product will also help your audience understand your business.

But if you are using it for personal reasons, you can place the usual short messages that basic postcards have. Make sure to include the recipient's complete address, their names, and of course your name as the sender.

4. Customize with Layout Designs

Customizing a layout for your greeting postcards are better with an editing program like Adobe Photoshop. You can add different graphic designs on your sample postcards easily with its accessible tools. There are also postcard templates available online that you can quickly personalize. These ready-made templates already have high-quality content with designs that you can customize in any device you have.

With these card templates, you don't have to worry about the layout. All you need to do is fill in the details to match your specifications. For business postcards, you can change the designs to match your branding schemes as well.

5. Print and Share

You can proceed to print when you have finalized your printable postcard templates. Place your cards on high-quality paper to maintain its quality. You can share your postcards through mails or online via email or social media.

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