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Advertise Products, Services, Events, or Special Offers Effectively in Places with Heavy Foot Traffic with Template.net’s Leaflets Templates. Choose from Blank, Simple, Creative, Modern, or Elegant Samples with Background Colors You Can Fully Edit, Customize, Replace, or Modify in Adobe Photoshop. Choose the Samples That Fit Your Needs and Download for Free!See more

Leaflets are as common as brochures and flyers when it comes to creating advertisements. Whether it's a music festival, Independence day celebration, or a simple workshop, leaflets always find a way to inform people about these events. Leaflets are also handed out to the people on the streets for more direct advertising. If you need to create one, just browse our website for some ready-made templates. All these are customizable in Adobe Photoshop, so just pick and edit one. 

Creating a single-page leaflet can be challenging, but we’?re here to help you out with that. Before you create one, you need to gather important information about the event or the product you’?re promoting. Once you’?re done with that, open Adobe Photoshop and begin designing. We have stock photos if you need them. Our templates come with sample content that you can use. Pick the right colors depending on your content. For food and event promotions, colors attract the attention of the readers. For architectural content, less colors and more content are advisable. Use a clean and readable font in writing the text. Some of our templates have simple designs for the minimalist ones. Explore your creative flair as you go through the editing phase of your template. 

We aim to give you templates that you can edit in a matter of minutes. With these, you don’?t have to waste time making a leaflet from scratch. We got you covered with the sample content and graphic design. Download our templates now!