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How to Make Newspapers in PSD

According to Forbes, 69% of people in the U.S. still read the newspaper. Newspapers keep readers informed about the current events happening in their surroundings. This allows them to know some of the things that aren't tackled by television newscast shows and radio stations.

Newspapers have come a very long way. With technology creating a significant impact on how individuals get by in their day-to-day lives, newspaper companies have decided to make these digitally available. Today, if you want to read the news, you no longer have to wait for the newspaper boy to arrive at your front door and deliver the paper to you. All you need to do is search for one online and read. To create a well-written and informative newspaper for your company, organization, or institution, follow the steps provided below.

1. Gather Stories from Trusted Sources

How will you create a newspaper if you have no content? Gather your stories first. Every newspaper article you're about to make must be legit and not falsely written, so it's crucial to ensure that all the stories come from trusted sources. Double-check your sources for assurance. Create a list of all the stories you've collected, so it's easy to arrange the articles in order later.

2. Plan your Layout

A newspaper is categorized into parts, and each column has a format. Do your research and follow the standard format in creating a newspaper. Outline your stories and use this as a guide in doing the layout. Use an old newspaper article as your reference to arrange the flow of your newspaper accordingly.

3. Focus on your Content

Designs are not necessary for this. You have to keep this informative and straightforward. Readers usually decide whether they should read a particular paper by how its front page looks, just like how a reader looks at a book cover to determine whether he or she should read that particular book. Your front page section must be well-written and laid out properly to attract attention. Use witty and catchy words and phrases for the headlines. Keep in mind that the contents must be readable and easy to understand.

4. Include Photos

Include photos in your articles to make them look more legit. Photos serve as proof that your articles are real stories and not fake. If you are grabbing pictures from others to use in your articles, don't forget to ask permission and credit the owner. The same goes for your content as well. If you get the contents of your articles from others and publish it in your newspaper, then make sure to credit the owner.

5. Review your finished Product

Go over and read your work after you're done to avoid mistakes. Refrain from providing false information to your readers by making sure that everything mentioned is legit and correctly spelled. No one wants their names misspelled, so ensure that the names you've mentioned in your newspaper remain correct. Double-check the names of establishments, businesses, and locations. Go over your work twice before printing or publishing it. Don't forget to put the logo of your company, organization, or institution for branding.

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