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How to Design a Magazine Templates in Adobe Photoshop?

Businesses, no matter what products or services they sell, have different objectives. And part of the goals that these companies want to meet is a boost in sales revenue. Various methods exist to help companies increase their income. In advertising, one useful technique is the use of magazine covers. These materials create an impression on people, especially at first glance. Once people are attracted and intrigued, they'd consider reading the content inside the magazine. The design of the cover sets the tone for how people respond to the design. And that's why being critical about the look of the magazine matters.

In an article published by Eye On Design, the most eye-catching magazine covers of 2018 leaned towards the uniqueness and bravery of the models (or artforms). The marketing strategy of these businesses opt for more exciting designs, and sometimes, out of the box ideas. For your magazine, you should envision something exquisite and classy.

1. Know Your Business Better

Before starting the magazine design, you have to be more knowledgeable about your business. Gather information about the company, especially its values, goals, and ethics. First, you need to understand the structure of the company. And then analyze the elements that make your business stand out among competitors. With the materials you've gathered, you can start constructing the design of your magazine. The creative magazine cover is part of your marketing strategy, so be cautious about the portrayal of your company name.

2. Find Inspiration

The design of the magazine is dependent on the theme of the cover story. But it doesn't mean you can't add your preference and style in the design. However, when you lack ideas for the cover layout, you can look for inspiration from other samples. You can browse the lifestyle sections of previous printed issues to find your muse. The front page of your modern magazine should coincide with the overall content of your publication. Remember to evaluate the composition of your magazine.

3. Add a Captivating Photo

The first thing people notice when they come across a printed advertisement is the images. Whether it's a photography, sports, or health magazine cover, customers will observe the whole presentation. When designing the magazine template in Adobe Photoshop (PSD), choose illustrations that captivate the eye of viewers. Also, consider the relevance of your chosen photo to the complete output. If the general concept of your magazine is about fashion, the graphics and featured pictures must be related to the theme.

4. Choose the Fonts

When crafting a magazine cover, the readability of the content matters. You have to think about your target audience and relate to how they will react to the typefaces you will be using in the cover. If your magazine is for young adults, pick a font that's trendy and artsy. For the older generation, stick to font types that are simple and uncurved to make sure it's understandable. These printable magazines have entertainment value. Furthermore, it also serves as a tool for information dissemination. So, be critical about everything you put in the magazine.

5. Publish and Print Your Magazine

Once you've finished editing the simple magazine template, you can attach it to the body of the magazine. Before printing, check for any spelling mistakes or wrong punctuations. Also, take note of the correct names and proper designations of personalities who are part of your magazine cover. Print the whole issue and distribute it to respective establishments. You also have the option to send a digitized version of the magazine via email.

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