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What is a Proposal

A proposal document is either a written or a verbal plan presentation. It is a document about a suggestion to a person or group of people with the ultimate goal of gaining approval. It usually conveys intentions to do or act upon the desired project or need. 

How to Create Proposals in PSD

Always propose in style and make your audience accept your offers. Creating a polished proposal is necessary to assure a high chance of approval. Here are a few steps that will teach you how to create an effective proposal. 

1. Know What is it All About

There's nothing like a writer’s block and a short supply of creative juice that delays the creation of a much-needed proposal. Just like the situation of many students in doing their thesis, they feel stressed out because they do not know what to do anymore. That is why it is essential to see ahead what the project or proposal will be about so that you can start writing and designing that professional presentation with no fuzz. Have time to sit down or maybe walk in the park thinking about the proposal, and do jot down ideas in a sheet of paper or a notebook before you forget. 

2. Organize the Ideas

Thinking about the direction is essential. But organizing the ideas to have a clear flow should be your top priority. You organize because you want to keep track of what you need to do. Moreover, if the plans do sum up and jive well, then what you will present later on will be understandable to your desired audience. If it is not right, it will create confusion, and instead of being approved, it would most likely be rejected or ignored. Most especially if you are making a business proposal, you do not want to miss a winning opportunity!

3. Set a Workable Timetable

Cramming is not good as it creates more mistakes and lapses. That is why it is efficient to have a time table to guide the process in proposing. Set aside certain tasks to do in a specific moment and give yourself some space and time to relax to stay refreshed. Make a detailed schedule of your tasks. Just like how an old Chiese proverb once said: “we move mountains by moving slowly small rocks one after the other.” 

4. Include Facts and Invite Urgency

Who would gamble to accept a proposal when it is not doable, and when it is not backed up with compelling facts? You need to get the facts and details straight and planned out; thus, research is the key. Give the necessary and required in-depth analysis to prove the point of the proposal. Make it presentable, easy to understand, and fun!

5. Make it Visually Stunning

If you want to make an excellent first impression, then make the presentation soothing for the eyes. Adding a few colors, shapes, borders, and different font styles spark an interest coming from the reader. Honestly, who would deny an excellent looking document? Moreover, if it looks neat and presentable, then it can invite a curious audience. Sometimes having an eye candy for a cover helps to catch interest just like any book cover does to encourage people to open it. Lastly, according to color psychology, you can set the mood of your audience by mixing colors!