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  • Businesses often make the catalog as a tool to communicate their products and services they offer to clients. These catalogs should reflect the company and effectively convey descriptions and prices. If you’re looking to create a catalog for business, advertising, real estate, or exhibits, choose from our free catalog templates that are completely compatible with Adobe Photoshop. These files are ready-made and 100% customizable for your convenience. They make use of high-quality content including layout, artwork, images, text fonts, and graphic files. They are also easily editable and printable, perfect for commercial as well as personal printing. Save the downloaded file on your PC or mobile device. Get to share your file on email and other online platforms. Available in (US) 8.5×11 inch sizes. Download now!

    How to Make a Catalog in Adobe Photoshop

    A catalog has various meanings and uses. In business, however, it is a type of marketing material containing a list of product, service, clothing, and other items available for consumption or use. It is usually filled with images with descriptions and price indications under, beside, or on top of them that effectively communicate sellers’ business products and services to buyers’ needs and wants. 

    Furthermore, a catalog can either be published as printed documents or electronic files (e-catalog) on your website. So, if you are in a wholesale or retail business, the catalog is the best for you to effectively layout and classify the list of your product, service, data, and even the course of your business. Whether you are making a course catalog or a thought catalog, make sure to have it appealing to your buyers.

    Planning to create a professional catalog for your business today? Great! Use our ready-made catalog templates available in Adobe Photoshop, and market your business in the best way possible. With that, we’ll provide simple tips on how to make a catalog in Adobe Photoshop productively.

    1. Be Systematic

    Whatever product or service you are selling, you should have it arranged systematically. You can have your product catalog in an alphabetical manner or in an itemized way. Through that, your customers will be able to search and find your product easily. A well-organized catalog will surely gain the best impression from their buyers, especially when it is clear with its intentions through the product description.

    2. Be Descriptive

    Descriptions and prices of the products should also be indicated descriptively and clearly in a catalog. A catalog is much like a shopping catalog, where descriptions attract the buyers especially when it is well-written.

    You can describe the clothing or the furniture you’re selling in the best way they should be illustrated. However, make sure to avoid deceptive or misleading phrases in promoting and advertising your product. Keep it still attached to reality. 

    3. Be Creative

    Be creative with the catalog design and layout. There more than thirty-five free catalog templates made available for you on our website. You can always pick the best templates, those that truly epitomize your company or business. 

    4. Be Resourceful

    Our website offers you the best templates you need in your business. Be it brochures, flyers, or catalogs, we have done the hard works to provide you 100% satisfaction. All templates are beautifully designed and professionally made to meet your standards. 

    5. Be Effective

    Being effective in your business means producing professionally made marketing materials like catalogs for effective sales and highly profitable outcomes. We always wanted you to reach the success of your business so we are helping you to be effective through our ready-made business templates. 

    Don’t waste your time to draft the best templates you need from the beginning. We have all that it takes for your business to soar high. Download now!