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  • As a business owner, having an invoice that you issue to your customers or buyers for every purchase is a valuable tool to keep an accurate record of your sales. Your invoice needs to be clear and comprehensive, and you can quickly achieve that with the help of our professionally created and beautifully designed Invoice Templates downloadable in all versions of Adobe Photoshop. These templates are available in A4 & US sizes. With its 100% customizable features, you are allowed to change the layout, add or remove certain sections, provide your business name and logo, and more. We offer you a wide variety of invoice styles and types that you can choose from to ensure you find the perfect template for your business. Get our free ready-made and printable Invoice Templates in Adobe Photoshop now!

    How to Create an Invoice Template in Adobe Photoshop

    A commercial invoice, also known as bill or tab, is a document issued by a seller to a buyer. This document has the sale transaction, which indicates the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller provides to its buyer. Payment terms are also stated in this document. 

    Based on the tips to ensure your business gets paid provided by Export-Import Bank of the United States, invoices must have an efficient document management system and must clearly state terms and conditions.

    In this article, we present you with easy-to-follow guides that will teach you how to create an invoice template. Here's how.

    1. Know the Content of your Invoice

    The first thing you need to consider in making an invoice for your established or small business is to determine the details you want to include. For instance, if you're going to make an invoice for the rental services of your real estate business, you may include the terms and conditions, rental timeframe, and payment agreement. Make sure that your content relates to the type of invoice you are making.

    2. Prepare a Design and Layout

    After the content, you may proceed in creating the format, design, and layout of your invoice. You may utilize tables, checklist, or simple quotations, to present the products and services your company is selling, along with product descriptions, price range, and quantities. Technically, you are in control of how you design and present your invoice documents.

    3. Use an Editable Invoice Template

    If you too busy to create an invoice document from scratch, an alternative way is to download a ready-made invoice template. Using a printable template offers you a variety of pre-formatted layout and design and suggestive content. To help you find the perfect template for your invoice, we have presented you with different invoice templates that you can use. Pick the template that best matches the type of invoice you want to create.

    4. Customize in Adobe Photoshop Software

    After downloading a sample invoice template, customize and personalize it using one of the most trusted editing software, which is Adobe Photoshop. This raster graphics editing software allows you to edit your template in a hassle-free way. If you want to make your chosen invoice template to sound more like your business, you can always remove and replace it like the logos, content, and more.

    5. Save and Print

    Once you're done editing your business invoice template, you can save it in any file format and print it. If you want to have a good quality invoice, we suggest you let a professional do the work. But if you don't have enough budget for printing your invoice document, you can do it by yourself as long as you have a quality printing material and a functional printing machine.