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How To Make A Bookmark Template In Adobe Photoshop

Bookmarks are every book's accessory. More than just being a material used to mark the page where you left off, your bookmark is also a reflection of your mood and/or personality.

The history of bookmarks dates back from 1584 when Queen Elizabeth I was presented with a fringed silk bookmark from her royal printer. The second oldest existing bookmark is made of ivory and is currently in The Royal Museum of Brunei and is believed to be from the 16th century.

Start crafting a personalized bookmark that you can use for any occasion and purpose with these basic steps presented below.

1. Opt For Adobe Photoshop

If you're making a bookmark for a souvenir, for business, or for personal use, Adobe Photoshop is the perfect application software to use. Known for its wide array of superb graphic and image-enhancing tools and features, applying the design theme will be effortless. You'll never have to worry about image pixelation when you resize and/or crop your pictures since photoshop uses vector images and high-definition color schemes. With Adobe Photoshop, your desired bookmark design theme will be brought to life.

2. Know What The Bookmark Is For

Bookmarks are not only meant to help the readers get back to the page in the book where they left off. It also reflects the reader's personality and mood. In making a specific bookmark for an event or for advertisement, choosing the right bookmark design, size, color, and content is also necessary just like in making other promotional documents such as flyers, brochures, and more.

3. Add A Personal Touch To Your Bookmark

Grab one of our uniquely-designed bookmark templates available in our website's library. Start adding your preferred design theme and captivating visuals to boost its appearance and add a little personality to the material. Decorate it with cute cliparts, a cartoon character or an emoji, or perhaps a photo of you and your friends or family. You can also be more creative by adding your favorite book quotation or an inspiring bible verse.

4. Determine Your Bookmark's Content

If you're making a bookmark for a particular event or occasion, you will need to insert a couple of relevant information to your bookmark. To help promote your business, you can use bookmarks as a promotional material that will contain a short description of the products/services that you are offering, contact details, and more. Bookmarks can also be a unique and cute invitation templates for weddings. Just simply add the names of the soon-to-be-married couples, the wedding date and venue, and other important details.

5. Select The Right Printing Materials

The commonly used printing material for bookmarks would be cardstock. Use a 14 point to a 16 point paperweight. These paperweight options serve just the right thickness needed to make your bookmark sturdy and effective. There are also two types of paper finish to choose from: matte and glossy. The matte paper finish will give a more classic touch to your bookmark template while the glossy paper finish will make it appear shiny.