Creating a document from scratch is a tedious task, especially when you do not have enough background knowledge about it. It entails extensive research for you to know the essential components of a particular document. If you are creating a commercial invoice for international shipments, save yourself from the hassle of starting from square one and download our ready-made Commercial Invoice Templates. We guarantee you that our templates are professionally written and it comes with suggestive headings and content to give you the utmost convenience. You can also download these files in all versions of Microsoft Word and several other software programs. What are you waiting for? Download a template today!

How to Make a Commercial Invoice in Microsoft Word?

Shipping goods to foreign destinations will go smoothly as long as you have the proper documents to present. One of the most important documents required by customs in international trade or shipping is a commercial invoice. This document is essential in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions. Moreover, it determines the true value of imported goods and provides a customer the additional details about their order. It also serves as an evidence of sales between the supplier and the customer. In the event that you need a commercial invoice for business purposes, you can download ready-made invoice templates on our site. You may also create your own by following the steps provided below.

1. Know the Sections of a Commercial Invoice

To fully serve its purpose, a commercial invoice must include information that is necessary for international shipments. A standard commercial invoice document contains invoice information, such as the invoice number, invoice date, and order number. Moreover, it should also have exporter and importer information and other details related to the shipping of the commodity.

2. Use Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the best desktop application to make use of, especially when you are creating documents. It has multiple tools and features which will enable you to customize your document. Moreover, it allows you to insert a table in your document; thus, helping you come up with a more organized commercial invoice.

3. Download a Template

To make the process easier for you, download one of our editable and printable commercial invoices templates. Our templates are industry-compliant and created by our team of professional writers. When downloading a template, make sure that you select Microsoft Word as its file format. Aside from commercial invoices for shipping, also offers you other types of invoice templates such as proforma invoice, product sales invoice, travel invoice.

4. Edit the Form

After downloading an invoice template, you are free to modify the content to best suit your business’ specifics. Make sure that it has complete components required by customs. Your commercial invoice should reflect the following information: date of export, invoice number, shipper and consignee, description of goods or commodity, currency, country of origin, unit value, total weight, total amount and incoterm. Also, you should check if the country of the merchandise’s destination has any special requirements you need to meet. Aside from making an invoice in your own language, you may also translate it into the national language of the destination country. Doing so will help the other party fully understand the terms of the transaction.

5. Incorporate Brand Identity

Aside from the technical aspect of the invoice, you should also incorporate your business’ brand design into your document. Use a color scheme which will best represent what your company stands for and add a company logo at the top portion of the sheet. It is also essential to add information about your company, such as its name, address, and contact details.

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