IT and Software Report Templates

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How to Create an IT/Software Report?

The IT/Software reports provide important information that helps the Budgeting, forecasting, Planning, and decision-making. Also, the IT or software reports help the organization to track progress and identify irregularities of their IT infrastructure or software.  The IT/Software report should contain the necessary information that should be reported. Below are the few tips we prepared for you when creating templates for your reports. For your convenience, you can also download various reporting templates on our site. 

1. Determine Your Goals

It is important to determine your goals before you create your report template. In this way, you have a starting point and a certain destination to reach. For instance, if you are developing software for an IT Company, you must have a certain goal in terms of your software’s quality or efficiency. Therefore, you must find out the quality and efficiency of your software during testing and have the findings duly documented in a report. The developers will use such reports and generate solutions to the findings, eventually reaching the specific quality or efficiency. 

2. Draft Your Report Template

Once you have your goals, you can start drafting your report template. Use various free computer programs or applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, Google Docs, and other similar programs. For your convenience, check out our site for sample report templates and download them.

3. Encode Necessary Information

The information in your report is crucial to the overall success of your project or goals. For instance, if you are making a Test Analysis Report for your software, you may include the report’s version history, background, purpose, test summary, test results, and recommendations. 

4. Design Your Report 

A little design will make your simple report more professional. Colorize your tables, charts, header, and subheaders using eye-friendly colors. 

5. Review Your Report 

Before you introduce your report in your team or Senior Management, make sure to review them to determine if there are typographical errors and misalignments. 


  • What is the purpose of an IT/Software report?

      The purpose of an IT/Software report is to provide the stakeholders with detailed information about the software or IT application’s progress or irregularities. In this report, the stakeholders can create action plans or help them formulate future activities. 

  • What is the structure of a basic report?

      The basic structure of reporting that most businesses or professionals are using starts in introduction and followed by method, result, and discussion.

  • What are the necessary information that should be included in the report?

      The simple report should include the following information:

      1. Title
      2. Date
      3. Reporting person
      4. Summary or introduction
      5. Methods of reporting
      6. Findings
      7. Discussion
      8. Conclusion 
      9. Recommendation 
  • Is reporting included in the test management plan?

      Yes. In fact, reporting is a crucial task in test management. Most software developers have a team of software testers who document all their findings using a test evaluation report. 

  • What are the types of reports?

      There are many types of reports. Few of which are justification, compliance, annual, monthly, weekly, progress, feasibility, and evaluation reports.