People will agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where most conversations are built. And typically, it’s where most memories remain. As the kitchen is a busy area, bacteria would linger. In no doubt, flu tolerates and produces harm. So, plan for a house cleaning to provide the protection that your family needs. Don’t wait before it is too late, have a look at our Ready-Made Kitchen Cleaning Schedule Templates in Word. Get a copy by printing a template in US Letter or A4 size. Now, motivate yourself to do it regularly. Plan a practical timetable with ease and efficiency. Get your template today!  

How to Create a Kitchen Cleaning Schedule in Microsoft Word

It’s a guarantee that we all love to share a meal with our family. But with the delicious food we eat and share, it’s not always an assurance to be disease-free. According to the news article released by CBSNews, kitchen items often get exposed to Salmonella and E. coli. This results in 48 million Americans getting illnesses that can lead to death. That is why it’s most important to know how the process goes. As the kitchen is where microbes usually develop, a daily or weekly household cleaning would be necessary.

Safety first! And to ensure that family members won’t get sick, then now is the right time to develop a deep cleaning timetable. Since we value your health, we help provide steps below on how you can create a Kitchen Cleaning Schedule in Microsoft Word.

1. Create a Draft of Priorities

Whether for a house or commercial kitchen, the process is the same. However, it’s not as easy as you think it is. It is imperative to plan well. Eventually, this will lead you to sort your priorities. To avoid getting rid of distractions, construct a checklist. Include disposing of trashes, washing the dishes, and sanitizing the kitchenwares. If you need to do more work within a day or week, include them. Creating a list drives your motivation to do the actions.

2. Organize a Cleaning Schedule Layout

Other than drafting all your plans in a sheet, have a copy of it. Before printing or keeping a digital copy, visualize the schedule first. But how is this achieved? Use software that provides comfort and efficiency. Do this by constructing a table in a Microsoft Word document. Ensure to section the table accordingly. Create more rows and columns, depending on how much space is necessary.

But you can always browse for Ready-Made Kitchen Cleaning Schedule Templates from our website. In this way, instead of taking so much time developing a table, you can have that time to start cleaning. The process is the same. A well-crafted layout gives you the freedom to edit it out. Or, remove particular sections if you want to.

3. Fill Out the Table with the Content

Don’t get too overwhelmed in filling out the content. You can transfer the list of tasks base on your draft of priorities. But before that, look if each column heading applies to your needs. If not, then edit them appropriately. Typically, the labels suggest the items, areas to clean, procedure, timeframe, and notes. You have to assign the tasks. Be detailed when writing down the procedure. Kitchenwares are fragile, which means that handling with care is essential.

4. Finalize and Sweep the Microbes Off

It’s vital to assess if the timeframe for each cleaning assignment is enough. If not, make the adjustments. Give allowances. Check the rest of the schedules if it does the job for you. Now, prepare a copy of your cleaning schedule. You can have it through digital or traditional. Once done, time to continue a house cleaning that’s worth your time.

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