For your product to stand out among a sea of similar products, it needs to have an eye-catching label. Labels are informative and appealing at the same time. It contains the name of the product and its contents. If written plainly, it does not gather attention at all, but with the right modifications, it will strike notice. All the text and design elements that you need are in our free printable templates. From the suggestive contents, comprehensive layout, creative artworks, striking fonts, captivating background designs, and so much more. Customizing these templates to suit your preferred style is also an easy process; with the help of the easy-to-edit feature, you can incorporate any element flawlessly. Download our printable Bottle Label Templates in Adobe Illustrator today!

How to Create a Bottle Label in Illustrator

When thinking about bottle labels, the first image that comes into mind is wine and beer bottles. However, these are not the only products that require bottle labels. There are various sauces and seasonings which utilize similar designs and dimensions. Perfumes, event mementos also almost have the same layouts. There are more products that can use this design, and we have a wide selection of bottle label templates that can be perfect for your product.

1.Determine the Product

Labels go on everything. In supermarkets, each product has a label to be differentiated from all the other products in the series of aisles. However, this is not the only use for labels. Now, wines are popular gifts with personalized tags bearing the recipient's name. Other bottle labels are also in little keepsakes handed out after a wedding ceremony. It is also common in baby showers where they hand out mini clear milk bottles with sticker labels with the name and a cute picture of the child. Giving out used personalized wine bottles as mementos during birthday parties is also a rising trend.

2. Play with Colors and Details

Like all other marketing materials, this tool should also catch and maintain the attention of the viewer. The design should hook the attention of the person to make them start reading the contents. Make use of colors that are easily associated with its use. If the label is for a wine or beer bottle, the colors should be on the neutral and modern side. On the other hand, if the tag is for a party give away, the colors should follow the color palette of the event.

3. Be Smart with Fonts

Having a colorful label is not enough to keep the attention of the viewers focused. The utilization of fonts styles and sizes should be smart. If you're using Adobe Illustrator, then you should have a good number of options when it comes to font customization. You should know what forms to use for the headings and the details. In standard water bottles, the labels have a clean-cut design and a list of the nutritional facts and ingredients. The name of the product is in a different font as compared to how the details are listed. The name is considered to be a heading so it should be more prominent and more apparent.

4. Incorporate Vital Information

After going through all the aesthetic factors, it is time to go over the details of the bottle labels. The templates we offer have suggestive content that is easily editable. This feature means that you can easily add data that are unique to your product and take away unnecessary information. The essential information to include in a product label is the name, contents, and a short history and background of the company. A brief description of the manufacturer is prevalent among wine bottle labels. If the label is for bottle-shaped trinkets, then you can add the details of the event in the tag in any fashion you want.

5. No Mistakes

Labels work like other promotional materials like flyers or brochures. The main difference is that a label is directly on the product. With this idea in mind, it is essential to devise a foolproof tag, one with no mistakes and mishaps. A simple error can have a significant impact on your company's name and credibility. Make sure to avoid this drastic effect by proofreading your bottle label design before giving it the signal for printing.

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