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How to Create a Gift Label Using Microsoft Word

Gift-giving has become a tradition that dates thousands of years ago. Gifts are given in any chance people get—Christmas, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and other occasions. The holiday seasons alone have people spending a lot of presents. A study about how much Americans spend on holidays recorded that they spend an average of $1,007.24 in the year 2018 and more than 60% of that is for gifts. But these presents will never be complete without gift labels. Experience a hassle-free process in making your gift cards fun and well-designed with Microsoft Word templates. Check out these tips on how to create one.

1. Decide on a Concept

Gift labels can come in different styles, format, and layout. Before making your gift labels, you must know what type of event you are attending to help you decide on the concept of your gift labels. Are you making gifts labels as wedding cards or birthday cards? A baby shower or graduation? You should consider the purpose of your gift label. Setting a theme will also help you with designing and laying out the format of the label card.

2. Prepare the Content Needed

The content of the label highly depends on the event you are attending. Gift labels are like greeting cards. For instance—if you are preparing a graduation gift, then you must place a gift message that is appropriate for one. The same goes for other events like Christmas and birthdays. You can put quotes that are relevant to the occasion or words of encouragement for the recipient—it depends on how you want the labels to come out. Usually, gift labels contain the name of the recipient, the sender, and the gift message.

3. Sketch the Design of the Label

Show your creativity in designing your gift labels. Outline the designs of your gift cards with the theme of the event in mind. The layout adds the value and quality of your gift tags, so make sure you craft it beautifully. For your convenience, make use of pre-formatted label templates for your gift cards to save time in creating the designs. These downloadable templates come with different borders, graphics, and other content that are customizable to match your specifications. Just download a template fit for your gift on your device.

4. Customize with Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used editing programs in terms of customizing documents and other templates. Make use of this program to finalize your gift labels. This editing software provides you easy-to-use tools in customizing your gift cards. If you have downloaded a template as your gift labels, then it will save you the hassle of outlining your designs from scratch. Open your card templates, and start filling the essential details you need for your gift.

5. Print and Attach to Your Gifts

After finalizing your card templates, you can proceed to print. Gift label comes in different styles, as mentioned earlier. You have your cards as stickers or tags. Using cardstock or any high-quality paper for your gift cards will make it look presentable. You can now attach your gift labels on your presents!

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