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How to Write a Cover Letter in Microsoft Word

Cover letters are crucial job application documents to some employers. A cover letter can help you persuade an employer that you're a good fit for the position. But before that, you need to write a killer cover letter to get their attention. So, check out the tips below to help with writing a good cover letter in MS Word.

1. Share Your Experiences and Achievements

Start your cover letter by sharing your experiences and achievements. Make sure that your experiences or achievements related to your job position.

2. Write Your Skills

Before you share your relevant skills, make sure that you read the job description first. After reading, get the skills that you have that the company is looking for. This way, the company will see that you're a great candidate.

3. Use Formal Language and Layout

Your simple letter must be formal and has to have a professional format. Don't use informal language like when you're speaking with a friend because you're communicating with the hiring manager. Additionally, you can use the block format in your letter. Then, use the right typography and font sizes to make your letter look formal.

4. Provide Your Basic Details

Make sure that you include your basic details like your number, social media profiles, website, and email address. When the hiring manager is interested, he or she will contact you or check your profiles or website to get to know you.

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