What Is a Magazine?

A simple magazine is a colorful and glossy compilation of articles, photos, and layout that features the different aspects of life. Topics contained in magazines are as numerous as there are topics in the world. From teens to fashion and beauty, to cars, sports, science, medicine, or even items that reach as far as the deep space—there is no lack of subjects that can be written in magazines made for public reading and consumption.

The word magazine originated from the Arabic word makhazin, which meant storehouse. Edward Cave coined the term magazine, the publisher of The Gentleman's Magazine in 1731. Magazines then became storehouses of information that sparks interest to its target readers and audience. It is a storehouse because it does not only present one topic or perspective—it is varied, with parts such as the cover page, features, as well as the front and back of the book.

How to Make a Magazine?

how to make a magazine?

Creative magazines feature multiple original pages that outline articles, graphic arts, texts, photos, and advertisements. Layouting articles and pictures can get pretty messy, which is why it is crucial to hire professionals to get the job done. However, if you want to save by doing a magazine layout by yourself instead of hiring professionals, then this article is meant to help you out. Aside from the creative magazine templates provided on this site, pro tips on how to make magazines are also enumerated.

1. Think of a Unique Concept

It's always essential to stay ahead by offering new concepts and fresh ideas for your avid and prospective readers. Creating a unique concept entails process and evaluation, so it's always better to gather notions from your team. With a creative idea comes an edge over other publishers. Having an advantage means your magazine will be attractive to investors and advertisers. Both investors and advertisers will keep your pages alive.

According to Statista, the US magazine industry will remain stable despite the effects of internet-based alternatives. Advertisers like L'oreal spent around $700 million on magazine ads last 2017, followed by Proctor & Gamble Co., Pfizer, Kraft Heinz, and Louis Vuitton. If major advertisers continue to back up the magazine industry through ads, it will continue to strive in the years to come.

2. Write Meaningful Content

Magazines are for reading. The content should be pleasurable to the readers as the design. Therefore, writing articles for the whole magazine requires an entire team of editorial writers. Every topic should offer information useful to readers. Create a checklist for the parts and contents and check all before printing.

3. Feature the Best Photos

It is a known fact that magazines showcase the best photography skills and concepts. Every photo showing new content and style makes a magazine exciting and sellable. That is why conceptual photographs that feature vogue fashion design, sports, food menus, and art can be obtained through photoshoots, photo walks, and snapshots.

4. Arrange Everything and Create Sections

Organize the overall content and assign each topic to a section. The layout of the pages must coincide with the content's nature, so consult a creative director regarding the overall aesthetic of the printable magazine. Finalize, edit, and proofread everything then proceed to print the magazines using high-quality paper stock.

What are the Different Types of Magazines?

We can distinguish modern magazines into different categories based on the content they cover. Like:

  1. Farm or Agriculture Magazine: This includes news featuring agriculture information and facts. It can be of great use to the farmers to get insights into distinct farming techniques. It also covers points on the farmer’s market, the equipment they require, new technologies suitable for farming and better production, etc.
  2. Sports Magazine: It features success stories or general sports stories with written content or photographic illustration. It further has two categories. One is for reporting all sorts of sports and the other that emphasizes some specific sports category.
  3. Business Magazine: One of the most read and followed magazines; this focuses on information about real business. By this, we mean banking, finance, marketing and sales, international trade, import, and export, etc. It also frames discussions of famous business tycoons and personalities of importance on specific business trends or economic ups and downs.
  4. Environmental Magazine: This magazine features stories to establish public awareness of environmental issues. Writers of such magazines infuse the idea of our diverse and dynamic environment. It is an attempt to make them feel the need for a pure and sustainable life and inspire them to take stand in the ongoing movements for change.
  5. Entertainment Magazine: These magazines are glamorous and glossy in look. One of the most followed magazines covers scandals, gossips, celebrities’ lives, and likes dislikes, films, TV shows, fashion, etc. Since it includes numerous stories of nature, it costs more than other types.
  6. Automobile Magazines: If you are a car lover, this is the best option for you. It gives you a rich and varied examination of the world of automobiles with vibrant and attractive images.
  7. Children’s Magazine: Reading is a good habit, and if your child has the propensity of reading from their tender age, they learn better. Thus this sort of school magazine exists in the market. It frames positive fairy tales with vibrant, colorful images. It also covers puzzles, games, crafts, and other activities that build the mind of the child creatively.
  8. Women or Men’s Magazine: Such gender-based magazines covers gender focussed content. If it is on women, the content would be on dressing trends, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, its complexities, lifestyle, jewelry, etc. If its focus is men, it will cover content on style tips, travel guides, lifestyle, health, sports, cars, adventure, politics, etc.
  9. Literary Magazine: Such sort of magazines follows history, criticism, reviews on different good and average books. It also covers remarkable short stories, poems, essays.

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