A magazine with an excellently-designed cover is likely to be read more than those with mediocre designs. So to help you create an attractive magazine cover that will surely compel your target readers to turn a page, here are our high-quality Magazine Cover Templates that are compatible with any Adobe InDesign version. Since these templates of ours are pre-made, you won't have to go over the hassle of starting from scratch. You only need to modify or edit their default contents and their graphic designs according to your preference. Yes, you can do that since all of them are easily-editable and 100% customizable. Don't waste your time. Download any of our Magazine Cover Templates in Adobe InDesign right now!

How To Create A Magazine Cover In Adobe InDesign?

The quality of a magazine's cover has a significant role to play in terms of grabbing the attention of its readers; just like a book cover. If you notice when you walk into a store with displays of magazines, those with interesting photographs and headlines and well-crafted design layouts are eye-catching; thus, sparking interest to those who pass by them. So if you're dreaming or planning to publish or self-publish your own magazine someday, you should take note of the tips we've gathered below on how to create a magazine cover that stands out.

1. Set A Quality Photograph As Background

A major criterion when it comes to magazine covers are the quality of their background photographs. Hence, you must set a picture-perfect photo as your magazine cover's background. To achieve that, practicing photography is vital. However, you can always hire the expertise of a professional photographer. You may also look out for photography flyers of studios; they may have services with a discounted fee. Remember to set a background photo that's relevant to your magazine's topics. For instance, if it's about stylish women's fashion or men's fashion, the background photo must showcase models wearing fashion clothes. If it's about travel, the best photo would be those of famous landmarks and destinations. And if it's about food, the appropriate photo would be showing mouthwatering delicacies. An excellent example of this practice are the 9/11 magazine covers. Those covers featured the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attack, Pres. George W. Bush, and some victims.

2. Formulate A Catchy Headline

A magazine won't be as enticing as it should be without a catchy headline found on its cover. That's why you must formulate one for your magazine's main featured article. There are cases when you must do it the same way as daily newspapers do it, especially if your magazine will feature current and recent events such as inter-school and professional sports news. Make sure that your headline is straight to the point and packs a punch to whoever reads it.

3. Set Elegant And Readable Font Styles

Whatever texts are found on your magazine cover, it must appear presentable and eye-pleasing, especially the headline and the preview texts of your other featured articles. What you should do to achieve this is to set elegant yet readable font styles. Doing so will significantly improve the overall aesthetic quality of your magazine cover. For references and ideas for quality font styles, some of our printable flyer templates might be of help.

4. Create Your Masthead

If you search images online of Time Magazine Covers, you'll see that the word "TIME" is always emphasized at the top of each cover. Why? That's because that is Time Magazine's masthead. A magazine's masthead functions similarly with a business logo; it establishes branding. Henceforth, you must create your masthead however you like. Just as long it's elegant and clearly conveys the official name of your magazines.

5. Use Adobe InDesign

As of late, Adobe InDesign has been considered as one of the leading publishing software in the world. The probable reasons are due to Adobe's constant updates to InDesign that meet new demands concerning designs and their useful features and tools. Therefore, with Adobe InDesign, you can expect to effectively execute all the tips we've shared with you in creating a magazine cover.

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