It's not surprising that organizations meet different problems along the way. Assessing these issues will need announcements and updates. In which, it requires everyone to gather around. Meetings seem to be an ordinary gathering of employees. But not everyone is aware of its importance in realigning company objectives with employee actions. To help you assemble a good number of attendees in one roof, have a look at our Ready-Made and Beautifully Designed Meeting Invitation Templates in Microsoft Word. Get your template in 4x6 Inches or 5x7 Inches + Bleed. Use it to conveniently disseminate a formal memo to invite the people involved. Now, let everyone take part in an annual gathering. Download a template today! 

How to Create a Meeting Invitation in Microsoft Word

In the workplace, productivity is necessary. This contributes to the success of the company. This only means that employees play a significant role in the improvement of every business’ work process. There are leadership coaching, training programs, and so much more. According to the 2008 data findings conducted by the Business Harvard Review, companies take 15% of their working time to do meetings. The meeting allows everyone to contribute to planning. But apart from that, annual conferences also enable selected individuals to share their knowledge and expertise. And eventually, this allows other employees to establish their abilities.

For an annual meeting to be productive, allow everyone to take part. Get your inviting messages ready. Visualize them by making a Meeting Invitation in Microsoft Word. Below are tips that you can follow to send a formal memo.

1. Count the Numbers of Invited Attendees

The number of attendees is vital in every company meeting. This gives you an overview of how many invitation copies are to be distributed later on. Get started by counting your team members. If there are guest speakers, board members, and other essential individuals involved, write down their names. Having their names in the invitation goes to show that you acknowledge and recognize them.

2. Construct the Design Layout

Allow your guests to develop a sense of excitement. With this, you’ll need to establish a design. But first, have a theme that you can follow. If you wish to have a more professional and formal corporate meeting, make the structure simple. To minimize the alterations, get a pre-made design. Ensure that it fits perfectly with your event theme. To align corporate invitation design to your objectives, assemble your layout using Microsoft Word.

3. Craft the Message Invitation and Other Information

Of course, what’s more important than the layout alone? It’s the content. The message makes a professional invitation complete. This is the section where guests will be informed further. This includes the details; what, when, and where. Apart from that, you can craft an inviting message below the highlighted details. Make it formal without overdoing everything. You may include an RSVP with the name of the contact person. But this is not mandatory at all. So, it's all up to you if you want to incorporate this into your invitation.

4. Use Basic Design Elements

For every business invitation, designs could vary. Either you incorporate images and symbols, it’s all up to you. As long as it remains formal, then it does the job. If you wish to create a more exciting design, you may. But limit it with modifying the colors, font styles, and graphic images. It's ideal to unite one element with the rest of the designs. In this way, you can achieve consistency.

5. Get the Approval for Distribution

Your document needs to get reviewed before printing. Let someone from the committee have an in-depth look at the output. Recheck the information, especially the VIP list. Check on the spellings and other relevant errors. Once approved, prepare your file for printing—print copies enough for the total number of attendees. But, feel free to send them via email, if necessary.

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