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Are you planning a speed dating service? What about a hobby convention? Whatever you’ll be hosting, you need adequate advertising to get people buzzing. That’s why we’ve created a selection of Meetup Event Templates to help you get things rolling! Choose from compact flyers, rollup banners, email invitations, and more, which are compatible with multiple applications (including Adobe InDesign and Mac Pages). So, don’t delay and download now—rake in a crowd by incorporating our easily editable templates!

How to Make Meetup Event Materials

There are many tools you can take advantage of for promoting your upcoming meetup., like social media and email newsletters. Even printed media has its place in our modern age, letting you reach out to an even larger audience (as mentioned by Chron, a US-based business resource).

Are you wondering how to get started? No problem—we have several handy tips (below) to help you out!

1. Get People Talking Right Away Using Social Media

It’s hard to deny how fast word spreads through social media networks, which is perfect for your meetup event. And there are plenty of popular platforms to speed things up even more, such as Twitter and Facebook. When posting a message about your get-together, insert a promotional image to complement your writing.

2. Consider Incorporating Printable Handouts

Not everyone is into social media. In fact, many don’t frequent online spaces in general! That’s where printed promotions come in, broadening your scope in your local area.

Physical handouts are relatively affordable and come in many forms, from simple flyers to foldable brochures. When distributing your prints, choose a location with good foot traffic (like a mall, for example).

3. Prepare Large Printed Promotions

For a social event that’s an especially big deal, consider investing in a few large-scale prints. There are banners, billboards, posters, and more that you can incorporate. These options generally cost more and vary quite a bit in their price range. However, as large stationary media, they’re always viewable by passersby.

4. Entice Attendees with Your Dialogue

Creative writing is always essential to good advertising. Besides your event’s basic details (schedule, location, etc.), include a few clever taglines here and there. Come up with lines that are similar to “Be Awed by the Latest in Tech” or “Join the Fun at Our Campus Fair.”

Have you gone through all our tips? If so, go ahead and download our Meetup Event Templates for some easy-to-use designs!


  • What are some social media platforms for advertising a meetup event?

      Here’s a list of some social media platforms to consider:

      1. Facebook
      2. Twitter
      3. Instagram
      4. WhatsApp
      5. Tumblr
  • What printed handouts can I use for promoting a meetup event?

      Such materials include but aren’t limited to:

      1. Brochures
      2. Rack cards
      3. Flyers
  • How many meetup event templates are available at

      You can get over 20 original meetup event templates from

  • What can I advertise using meetup event templates from

      You can advertise:

      1. Conventions
      2. Parties
      3. Exhibits
      4. Charities
  • Which applications are compatible with the meetup event templates from

      To edit them, you can use any of the following applications:

      1. Adobe Illustrator
      2. Adobe InDesign
      3. Adobe Photoshop
      4. Apple Pages
      5. Microsoft Publisher
      6. Microsoft Word