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What is an Event Identification Card?

Primarily, an identification card or modern ID is a printed card that is used to validate one's identity. It bears data and access for an individual who partakes in an organization, club, or entity. In this case, an event identification card is used to identify special persons in an event such as staff/employee, VIP, and regular guests.

How to Make an Event Identification Card?

As an event organizer, the safety and security measures in your desired event project is your top-most priority. An event ID card can help you with that. It gives your special designated persons access to every event-related works and resources for your event security purposes. The IDs can also help you regulate the number of crowds that are filling in and out of your event venue. Creating an identity card for your event will be easier with the tips provided below:

1. Decide On Your Layout Size And Orientation

Firstly, consider first the layout size of your event ID card. There are different standard ID card sizes available for your use. Sizes like 85.60 x 53. 98 mm for ID cards, 125 x 88 mm for US government ID cards, and 105 x 74 mm for visa cards. Carefully choose the sizes that will best fit your preference. However, for an event, it would be better if you choose the bigger sizes like B4 (150 x 106 mm) for security purposes. Then you can now choose the card orientation, whether horizontal or vertical ID cards.

2. Choose Your Editing Software

After picking the right layout size for your ID card format, now is the time where you can digitally layout your card. Pick the right tool for editing. There is multiple editing software available in the market that offers high-quality editing features for your layout.

3. List Your ID Card Design Elements

Use your creative style in choosing your design elements and objects. Pick out the best color scheme, high-quality images, and polished typography that will fit your event ID cards. Incorporate your card design to your event motif, for it increases your event awareness and it gives consistency to your event materials.

4. Transfer The Important Details

Your card's information and data is the most important part. After formulating the design, you can now transfer the vital details for the specific persons involved in your event. Include their name, designation/ role, contact number, and event's official seal/ mark. For guests and audiences, you consider also adding an ID number for tracking purposes.

5. Print Your Event ID Card

Before printing your ID card, make sure that it undergoes careful review and proofreading. Then, when everything is finally set, you can now start printing your event ID cards. You can choose either producing it to your office printer or your local print shop.

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