Event Itinerary Templates

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What Is an Event Itinerary?

An event itinerary can be used to either help organizers plan out what event-related tasks they have to complete, or for pointing out to participants what and when programs and activities will take place. It is a very useful tool for those who are in charge of the event planning as it can be used to point all of the things that need to be done prior to or after the event. So whether you're going to hold a conference for shareholders or a photoshoot for one's wedding day, know that creating this type of simple itinerary is extremely beneficial for all of those involved.

How to Make an Event Itinerary?

1. Know What Event the Itinerary Should Cover

This is extremely important as knowing what you're making for wedding itinerary which will tell you what tasks have to be completed or what activities and/or programs have to take place. So is it for planning a fancy dinner? Or perhaps it's for scheduling a corporate event? Be sure to place the event's name and the date in which it is expected to officially begin into the itinerary.

2. Provide More Details About the Event Itself

Aside from its name and the date in which it is expected to begin, you may want to include more details. This is where you will need to point out things such as the time that it should start and end, the theme that event will go for, the simple budget amount, and the name and complete address of the venue.

3. Explain How You Will Secure the Venue

You won't be able to have an event plan if there's nowhere to hold it. This means that you'll need to write down how you are going to secure the venue. Also, you will want to include other details such as the number of tables and chairs needed and the complete name and contact details of the property owner. 

4. Share What Has to Be Acquired and How

You need to make sure that the event has all the equipment and materials it needs in order to run smoothly. You may even need to consider how to acquire vendors and sponsors if deemed necessary. So in this section of the business itinerary, point out how exactly you'll go about in doing so or the names of the people you've assigned to help you do it. 

5. Explain How the Event Should be Promoted

If you're going to hold an event in order to attract customers and clients, then it is important that you consider how you should go about in promoting it. Consider the use of social media or your business's website to advertise when and where it's going to happen. Whatever marketing methods you decide to use, be sure to list it down into the itinerary and point out who will be in charge of ensuring that it's done. 

6. Place the Event's Schedule

If the sole purpose of the sample itinerary is to provide participants with information regarding what happens and when, then you may disregard all other steps. If you're done planning out the different programs and activities that will take place during the event, then you just have to list them down into the document. Make sure to organize everything in the sequence that they are supposed to happen and don't forget to put in the exact day and time that they take place.