People want to socialize with each other, and that's why many enjoy hosting events. These events can be for business or recreational purposes. Perhaps you are someone who wants to find a career in event coordination or an experienced one looking to enhance their work. If you are either of the two, ensuring that your application is impressive is a must. One of the routes to do that is through having a well-written cover letter. If you don't have one, then download from our collection of ready-made Event Planner Cover Letter Templates! These templates are 100% editable and printable. What are you waiting for? Download now!

What Is an Event Planner Cover Letter?

An event planner cover letter is an application letter that someone writes to apply for a job as an event planner. It explains your character in terms of personality and a glimpse of your work ethic.

Last 2016, event planners earned an average yearly salary of $47,350, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not only do they make a lucrative income, but the event-planning industry continues to rise. So, if you want to work in the industry, you need to craft your resume and cover letter immediately. The combination of these two will help the HR managers have a grasp of who you are as a person and future employee.

How to Create an Event Planner Cover Letter

To create an excellent cover letter, we have tips below to help you create a well-written event planner cover letter.

1. Impress Through Your Skills

Start by persuading the employer with your skills in event planning. The company wouldn't want to hire someone who has no skills in the industry. So, you have to show your skills and abilities in it. Don't include skills that the job doesn't need but focus on what it needs in your sample letter. Furthermore, check the job description and hunt the skills that you have to and add it in your letter.

2. Display Your Experience in the Field

Who doesn't want to hire an experienced event specialist? It is employers' utmost wish for individuals with experience to join the company. If you have the experience, then provide specific examples like being a wedding planner or assisted in a nonprofit event as a planner for your internship. If you have no prior experience, continue listing down the skills and previous work experience that you think will help you become a professional.

3. Be Clear

One of the essential notes you should include in writing is being concise with your professional letter. If you don't wish your message to end up in the trash, then write a letter convenient to the employer. Remember to make your sentences concise and readable for the hiring manager.

4. Share Why They Should Hire You

Lastly, write a description of why the employer should hire you in your letter. Check your strengths and identify which of them are beneficial to the company and the position. You can also share your outstanding attributes and great work ethics to impress the employer.

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