Event Gantt Charts

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How to Make an Event Gantt Chart?

An Event Gantt Chart is a chart that event organizers use in planning social functions, such as music festivals, weddings, fundraising programs, party planning, and other events.

Event management is a tough job. Your hands are full of things that you need to accomplish all at once. That's where Gantt charts come in. It's a visual representation of any project that has a definite timeline. If you need to make one, read our tips below. 

1. Know the Event

Gather data on the event/s that you're going to organize. You have to know when and where the event would take place. That will be one of your basis in creating the chart

2. Describe the Tasks

Now that you have your data, you can describe each task. Put them in order according to importance. You have to carefully plan the chore that you can accomplish with the resources you have.

3. Set the Date

Determine the starting and ending date of each task of your sample chart. Every task needs a deadline so you can proceed to the next one. That way, accomplishing each activity is just easy.

4. Organize and Finalize 

When you're done with putting data on your workflow Gantt chart, you can now organize everything. Finalize the table by adding bars in line with the event and dates. You can use several shades of color for each bar in your chart. Aside from that, you can make Gantt charts in Excel too.


  • What does Gantt mean?

      Gantt stands for Generalized Activity Normalization Time Table. The name Gantt is also a tribute to the chart's inventor, Henry Gantt. He designed the chart around 1910-1915.

  • Does a Gantt chart track each activity?

      Yes, it does. Every activity is put in a specific timeline for people to see the ones that need to be accomplished. Gantt charts have contributed to more success in company projects ever since its launch. 

  • How do you become an event coordinator?

      The road to being an event coordinator is not an easy one. You need to have a degree in Hospitality Management, Business, Communication, Marketing, or Public Relations. For the skills, you need to be able to communicate with your team, excellent customer service, and organization skills, among others. 

  • How do you plan an event?

      Planning an event is a process. It includes a lot of brainstorming for the event theme, coordinating with people's schedules, arranging a lot of meetings, and making sure that you don't overspend the budget. You have to stretch the budget if it runs short. Finding a good venue is also a plus, depending on the kind of event that you're holding. You need to have focus and motivation all throughout the planning and execution process. 

  • Can Gantt charts be used for other purposes?

      Yes. It's not only limited to events. Gantt charts are applicable in project-based activities that need deadlines. You just have to know how to utilize this kind of chart.