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How to Make an Event Checklist

A checklist is a simple yet useful tool for organizing any event. With the help of a checklist, you can outsource tasks, manage timelines, monitor resources, and more (as Forbes explains in one of their articles). So, whether you’re planning a birthday, fashion show, or workshop, using a checklist is always a plus.

Are you wondering how to effectively create an event-focused checklist? No problem—just read our tips (below) to get started.

1. Use Grid Tables in Your Event Checklist

The main element in your event checklist is the grid table. The table is where you write down the primary details of your checklist. With a fresh document ready in your application (i.e., MS Word), set up your table by giving it as many rows as you have items to keep track of. For the column quantity, create as many as you need for information categories.

2. Customize Your Table for Readability

With a table in your event checklist, you can neatly arrange your items and keep track of them more easily. However, for an even easier time using your checklist, incorporate colors to section off the table’s different segments.

3. Give Your Event Checklist a Title

A title is convenient when other people need to use the same checklist. At the top of your checklist document, enter a title that’s simple yet fairly informative—like “Dinner Party Catering Preparationis.” Use large bold font to make your title stand out.

4. Add Complementary Details to Your Checklist

Besides your checklist’s table, you might need a few additional details in your document, depending on your work. For example, if you’re making a formal event checklist for your company, input basic information about that company (name, address, etc.).

So, did you read everything? You now have a better grasp on preparing a checklist for any event!


  • What are some types of corporate events?

      A few examples of corporate events include:

      1. Board meetings
      2. Incentive programs
      3. Product launches
      4. Seminars
      5. Trade shows
  • What are the different styles of checklists?

      The main styles of checklists are:

      1. Communication checklists
      2. Procedural checklists
      3. Project checklists
  • How many checklist designs does offer? offers over 500 original checklist designs.

  • What types of event checklist designs are downloadable from

      Some of’s downloadable event checklist designs are:

      1. Corporate Event Planning Checklist
      2. Event Coordinator Checklist
      3. Preventative Maintenance Checklist
      4. Restaurant Training Event Checklist
  • Which applications can I use to edit’s event checklist designs?

      You can use one of the following software applications:

      1. Apple Pages
      2. Google Docs
      3. Microsoft Word