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How to Write an Event Agreement?

Event agreements or event contracts have always played a very significant role in event planning. As already mentioned, contracts are legally binding. Therefore, it has been agreed upon; it has been closed, and no entity could ever deny the deal because there is a contract (a document) that will substantiate and concretize everything you have verbally agreed. In addition, this is a document that's essential for an event planner and for the event company to be held harmless because there is a piece of evidence that they can use when necessary. 

Since a written agreement is an essential tool for an event coordinator, creating an event agreement letter or event contract agreement would be needed. Here are the steps to guide you on writing a persuasive event agreement. 

1. Verbal Agreement 

Before you begin concretizing your event agreement, you will need to communicate with the other party first so that there will be a clear deal with what to write in the agreement form. Pitching the services and the event order will be a good first step in inviting for a great sponsorship. 

2. Identify Your Sponsors

Initially, when we think of sponsors, we usually have the idea of inviting the wealthiest one; that's not always a good idea. When you think about inviting a sponsor, think about how the event will benefit them too. When inviting for sponsorship proposals, you cannot just think of your own event organization's sake alone; it's called gratitude. It's important to think about what are the possible ways you can thank them. 

3. Write an Agreement Letter 

One of the important documents to attach to the event agreement is a simple and comprehensive business agreement letter. In order to make a more persuasive agreement letter, I personally suggest you place the purpose of your letter in the first paragraphs; then, followed by the details about the work to be done, timeline, costs, the sponsors' payment terms/amounts/methods. This way, you are making sure you don't just make a structured letter, but you're also enticing your sponsors to work with you. 

4. Write an Agreement Contract

Since this is an event agreement, make sure you write a basic agreement contract that is professionally and comprehensively designed. Sponsors will have a lot of concerns and queries, so it's best to anticipate them. Upon writing the agreement contract, make sure to indicate the rental details (e.g. venue, renting timeline, payment terms/methods/amount/rebates); also, the responsibilities of all parties involved. This way, everyone will know what the work to be done is and how they will do it. 

5. Make Your Sponsor(s) Special

The very last thing an event planner will do is to think about the ways of thanking the sponsor. Whenever an event comes to an end, we usually see special people who attended were given plaques, trophies, event certificates, etc. This is significantly an important thing to consider because everybody wants to be recognized, similar to sponsors; thus, it's important to think about ways on how you can make them feel special.