Event Proposals Templates

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What is an Event Proposal?

An event proposal is a compilation and a presentation of information about a suggested event.  This type of formal document is used by event organizers and coordinators as a way to propose event ideas for higher-ups and clients in the hopes of it being approved.  

How to Write a Convincing Event Proposal

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Event proposals are documents that require a lot of attention to detail and quite a lot of planning. Thus, this makes event proposals a complex document to make. Event managers and coordinators should also be detailed and have good forecasting. Scroll down for some tips on how to make a great event proposal outline that anyone would have difficulty turning down.  

1. Set a Vision for the Event 

Before creating the official event proposal document, you should have an idea of how you want the event to turn out. If you are relying on a client (if you are a wedding planner, for instance), you should listen to how they picture their event. This is where the importance of having soft skills come in. In a survey, 81% of participants agreed that having people skills and organizational skills are important abilities that every professional needs. 

2. The L Word: Logistics

Event organizers, when creating a professional proposal, can't simply include activities willy-nilly into the event. They have to think about the logistics, or how they will manage the event. When planning for an event, you have to be certain that you will be able to execute it properly.  

3. Don't Overlook the Event Costs

Events usually cost a lot of money. Many event coordinators have stated that the budget is one of the biggest challenges when planning for events. According to EventMB, a shrinking budget is one of the biggest immediate concerns of event planners. That is why, that when rendering event services, one should always have a back-up plan prepared. Event organizers should also look for cheap alternatives when it comes to making event plans.

4. Marketing Means Sounding Enthusiastic 

Making an event proposal format means trying to convince people to agree to the event services you will be giving. It is important that when they read your proposal they should be moved enough to agree to it. Try to sound enthusiastic and self-assured of your event proposal, and it will surely garner a positive response among your audience.  

5. Organize the Document

An organized document is a comprehensible document. You have to make it understandable and official-sounding. This will serve to impress your audience. An unorganized event proposal is also difficult to read. Apart from the format, organizing the document also pertains to organizing your thoughts and ideas well. Follow the basic rules and outlines of essay organization: have an attention-grabbing heading, follow this with an information-filled body, and end this with a nicely filled out conclusion. 

6. Remember that Cleanliness Looks Good

Similar to the previous tip, remember to make your event proposal look well-made. This means to make sure to use fonts that are easy to read. Avoid making any type of errors—this includes typographical and grammatical errors. In short, make your event proposal "clean" of any mistakes by thorough proofreading and review.