Music plays a big part in everyone’s lives, be it subconsciously or on a professional level. Not only that, but it’s been a vital part of our culture far before recorded history. These days, we now have a variety of hosted events and venues for people to experience music. Are you putting together your own musical tour or concert? We can lend you a hand with our Ready-Made Music Ticket Templates! Our designs come 100% customizable and easily editable; each with full compatibility with Adobe Illustrator. Quickly compose printable tickets and save time, available in 5.5x2 inches (+bleed) and CMYK color space with 300 DPI resolution. Hype up your next live performance with our slick ticket templates!

How to Make Music Tickets in Illustrator

The importance of music isn’t merely for the sake of culture or to fulfill our auditory desires; it has practical applications in the field of medicine and healthcare. It’s stated (by that music has a positive impact on people’s mental and physical health, discovered through various studies and experiments. So, it’s hard to deny just how crucial music is to our day-to-day lives.

If you’re planning a party or festival to share music of any kind, then allow us to assist you with the ticket stubs! Our Ready-Made Music Ticket Templates come equipped with eye-catching designs that are fully customizable in Adobe Illustrator. Whether or not you’re an experienced artist/designer, you don’t need to worry since our samples are put together with easy editing in mind.

Not sure where to start? No problem--we have a set of handy tips (down below) to guide you on how to quickly and easily customize a ticket design for your upcoming concert or tour.

1. Pick a Design in Tune With Your Idea

You’ll find a good number of varied ticket designs to take advantage of. We have a template to suit any genre; whether you need vector art for a dance party or stylized photography for a rock tour. Be sure to select a ticket design that goes well with your music event.

2. Assemble a Design to Inspire Your Audience

Have you selected a suitable template for your ticket? Fire up Adobe Illustrator and get busy! Go ahead and try experimenting with ways to spruce up the premade design of your template.

Along with a fancy-looking graphic design, your ticket will also need well-written content for the information and details about the venue. You can easily do an online search to find different types of tools and references to maintain good vocabulary and grammar on your tickets. Also, throw in some catchy dialog to make it a more interesting read.

Once the initial draft is complete, step away for a bit before coming back with a fresh eye. When you’re done making any revisions and/or corrections, remember to save the changes.

3. A Harmony of Complementing Backups

With your ticket design taken care of, it’s time to consider ways of spreading the word about your upcoming performance.

Flyers are always an effective yet affordable way of advertising. You can also pair them up with larger posters to plaster around (wherever allowed).

And, for the REALLY big events, setting up a promotional website ahead of time will be pretty useful and can definitely pump up some hype!

4. Get Those Tickets Ready for Showtime

After adding the final touches to your edited template, you’re ready to start printing and selling as many tickets as needed. Don’t forget about using various methods of promotion and advertising to drum up anticipation for the performance. Whatever the size, genre, and atmosphere of your event may be, our wide array of downloadable music templates is sure to make your ticket stubs look good!

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