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Agreements are made between two or more parties to maintain a harmonious relationship with one another. This is a legally binding arrangement or negotiation to a course of action. Parties involved are responsible for partnership and liable for the agreements agreed. The most commonly known agreements are non compete agreements, partnership agreements, express agreement and non-disclosure agreements. 

Non-disclosure agreement is a legal document made between two or more parties to agree of confidentiality. This agreement is made for mutual protection, secrecy of important information and privacy of confidential matters. Organizations usually use non disclosure agreements to avoid the spread of secret recipes, important company materials, respect of intellectual property and to maintain all information inside the company. provides 23+ Non- Disclosure Agreement Templates that might come in handy. These templates are professionally made to ensure quality and credibility. These agreement templates are also equipped with necessary parts such as parties, background, terms and conditions, information, recitals and signatories. These are available in multiple formats and can be used in both printed and virtual formats. These are downloadable for free on all leading word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages and secure a quality copy on Adobe PDF

We have a variety of templates available for you to use. We have a lot of templates with distinct purposes such as Restaurant Non-Disclosure Agreement, Commercial Real Estate Non-Disclosure Agreement, Software Development Non-Disclosure Agreement and more. Choose the best templates that will suit you and get these printable non-disclosure agreements now!