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How to Make a Pre-Construction Document in Microsoft Word

There are a variety of documents that you need to comply with to start a construction project— phase plan, work process, construction schedule, design report, and more. Usually, they are prepared by the contractor to ensure that the flow of the construction process is smooth. Apart from that, they protect the contractor from a possible lawsuit. So, if you wanted to start planning your construction project, here are some helpful tips that you can refer to in writing your pre-construction document.

1. Understand your Needs

You need to have a definite overview as to what type of document that you need to make. Do you need a construction plan to present in the meeting? Or a pre-construction report that would narrate the status of the tasks achieved during planning? Defining this would give you the first step that you need to take in making your document.

2. Collect Data

Now that you understand your needs, you need to collect the information that would support them. You can conduct an assessment of the construction project that you need to finish. For instance, if you are writing construction meeting minutes for the construction meeting that you attended, you need to take down notes during the meeting to be used for the document.

3. Focus on your Purpose

If you want your document to be formal, you need it to make it brief and concise. State your purpose in the first paragraph of your content. Avoid veering from the purpose by shifting the topic into other things. Instead, use the proper language for the document. But, take note that this does not apply to every pre-construction document.

4. Use Proper Tone

A formal document should be written in a tone complementing its use. Avoid adding flowery words, like jargon, slangs, and abbreviations. For example, if you are bound to write a complaint letter, remember to remain polite and respectful.

5. Use Proper Format

This tip is applicable for every pre-construction document, especially for construction reports and construction letters. You need to make sure that your formatting is correct. You need to address the recipient accordingly and properly. Moreover, you also need to indicate a space for the signature to validate that the said document is legal and verified.

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