Often times we would see real estate companies and construction companies work together to develop properties and put them up for sale. Inevitably clients would get interested and buy the property. To inform a client about the price of the property or of their orders, use our Real Estate Invoice Templates. All our invoice samples contain relevant content on the bill of payment. Our website has a collection of ready-made real estate invoice that you can edit and download in your PC and mobile device. They are all 100% customizable and printable. Make your task easier by using our templates. Subscribe now to start downloading!

How to Make Real Estate Invoice?

Invoices are similar to receipts however invoices are handed to a client to let them know how much they have to pay for the product or services provided to them. In this case, agents or realtors use a real estate invoice to tell a client the total amount that they have to pay for the property they are buying. Learn how to make a real estate invoice with the tips presented below.

1. Follow the Format

Formats are important for any document. This is because formats are there to keep the information present in a sheet organized and easy to read. Each format has different designs for each type of document. To avoid confusion make sure that you follow the format of the invoice.

2. Start With the Basic Info

To begin with, the invoice, fill up the blank portion of the form with the information of the client. The name, address, and contact number of the client. Do not forget the date of purchase. If the purchase serial number is not present, then make sure that you include it in the invoice.

3. List Down the Products

Next, you will have to make a checklist of the products that you have for sale. It would be helpful for you to practice caution here. Ask your client again for confirmation that they are indeed buying that product.

4. List Down the Price of the Product

Every product has a price, and these should be present in your invoice. Make sure that you list down the prices that correspond with the product.

5. Calculate the Total

To complete the invoice, you will need to calculate the total amount of money your client has to pay for the product or service you have provided. To do this, you need to take a look at the prices you have listed above and add them all up. The sum of the prices is the total amount owed.

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