There are simple recruitment process that recruitment agencies need to follow to hire an applicant. We know that having a proper recruitment procedure would help recruiters assess the job applicants thoroughly. To achieve an appropriate recruitment workflow, you will need our Ready-Made Recruitment Flow Chart Templates in Word. These templates have professional written headings and contents that are easily editable and downloadable in any available devices that you can easily access. Our templates are also compatible with other file formats like Apple Pages, Google Docs, Publisher, and PDF. Don’t hesitate and start working with our A4 and US letter size Template now!

How To Make Recruitment Flow Chart in Word

Having a small company means having to recruit staff that is fit for the position. The Human Resource department or HR are the ones who process the application of the applicants and at the same time, assess if the applicant is fit for the position that they are applying. Recruitment is an essential business strategy a company could have because applicants go through interviews, exams, and screening procedures within the recruitment process to find potential candidates for the company's job vacancies. To achieve a proper recruitment workflow, you have to manage your recruitment process. To do that, you can check out the tips that we wrote below for your reference in making an appropriate recruitment flow chart.

1. Choose a Recruitment Flow Chart Template

You don't want to stress yourself in making a Flow Chart. That is why we strongly suggest that you grab a ready-made template so that you will be able to do some of your tasks rather than doing a flow chart the whole day. A template will come in handy because you will not make your chart from scratch anymore because it already has contents and headings on it. What you need to do is to edit those contents and put the necessary information.

2. Identify the Needed Position

Before a company posts, available job vacancies to online platforms and social sites, the head of the HR department needs to approve the required job positions needed before turning it over to the recruiters. Of course, the HR department is responsible for preparing the necessary assessment process that an applicant should go through before qualifying on the job.

3. Make a Draft

You have to make a printable outline of the job positions that your company needs. Afterward, send those outlines to the recruiters. The recruiters will be responsible for hunting and searching for possible applicants that are qualified for the position. The draft would serve as the recruiter's reference on how would they assess the type of people that they will entertain and recommend to the company.

4. Review Applications

From the recruiters, the qualified applicant would be advised to take part in the screening process conducted by the HR department to further assess the applicant's application. You have to prepare a sample checklist of the qualified applicants that are qualified for the position. If the candidate fits the qualification for the job, then he/she will be endorsed on the next stage of their assessment, and if he/she still passes the interview process, then the job vacancy would be his/her.

5. Finish Your Output

If you plotted everything already on the template that you are working on. You can now start saving your work/output in Microsoft Office Word file format. Keep your basic chart as simple as possible, and don't overdo things. Just make sure that the process that you include in the flow chart would be of help in recruiting the right applicants for the job. Having a clear recruitment format in recruiting an applicant would result in hiring deserving applicants.

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