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How To Make Employee Reports In Microsoft Word

Keeping yourself informed on your employee's status gives you an accurate measure of an individual's productivity in the workplace. It allows you to take the necessary steps to address the factors that affect your employees. Employee Engagement is important because is it defines the kind of relationship a company has with its employees. In this age, where Millennials make up a majority of the labor force, fulfillment, and satisfaction at work are the expectations they place much value on. " Businesses with highly engaged teams, profitability increased by 21 percent, sales productivity by 20 percent, and output quality by 40 percent.", according to an article by Harvard, which means a company that understands and addresses their employee's needs succeed and prosper. Knowing what your employee's needs are reflected in a detailed and comprehensive Employee Report. Using Employee Report Templates, we'll show you tips on how to write one in Microsoft Word.

1. Use Microsoft Word

Writing a detailed and comprehensive Employee Report requires a tool that offers convenience in a User-Friendly package. Microsoft Word is an Industry-Grade Word Processing Software widely-used by businesses globally. It Features Easy and Quick To Use word editing and formatting tools which allows users to instantly update information and statistics in their written reports. Plus, It Produces up to standard, high-quality output that's ready to distribute via Email and can be readily printed using home and office printers. To keep up with the digital age, Microsoft Word can also be used and accessed using your Tablets and Smartphones.

2. Employee Profile

Before starting to write a detailed and comprehensive Employee Report, you'll need all the information and details about your employee. You can use your employee's profile sheet in your files or use their resume as your reference. Gather all the information you need and start with the common ones like their name, date of birth, address, both home and current and contact details. Then go deeper starting with the medical history, educational background, and previous employers. This information will be the basis of what to write on your employee report.

3. Work-Related Issues

Work-Related Issues such as Performance and Project Status of that they're working on should be properly documented in your Employee Report. Grievances and Salary Disputes should be documented as well. Other documented work-related issues such as employee injury, both physical and non-physical should work hand in hand with the Incident Report.

4. Personal Issues To Be Addressed

The employee's personal wellbeing should be the utmost priority and concern for employers. Not only affects an employee's Physical and Mental Health but most importantly it severely affects their overall productivity and performance. Factors such as Financial Problems from insufficient earnings, Problems in their Home and their Relationships and other Personal Problems should be reported. These Issues should also be properly documented based on the Medical Certificate issued by your in-house physician.

5. How An Employee Report Should Look Like

A detailed and comprehensive Employee Report should be written in an organized and detailed manner. Information should be written briefly and concisely for ease of comprehension as it will serve as a basis for an employee's status for regularization or termination. Detailed and Organized Format is already included in our Ready-Made Employee Report Templates which are Easy To Edit and Ready For use anytime, anywhere, in your desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

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